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Did I Say There Would Be Stairs???

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Climbing Appoximately 100 steps, will take you up to this beautiful mansion!
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  1. Harno0:12
  2. Dilubreuer0:13
  3. Brie16480:13
  4. ikook0:14
  5. evepat0:14
  6. Beekay0:14
  7. Robbos0:15
  8. snooker0:15
  9. morris1860:16


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Approximately didn't count them?? No problem, lets go!


Oh my!!! I can do stairs ... but slowly ...


You may have to remind me about the ice cream, lest I forget!


Lyndee + stairs = ice cream! I'm with Snooker!


You're make it ok Janet.
A little rest now and then won't take long Lunie.


So fast for you to reach up then lyndee...


That's a lot of stairs, Lyndee, I'll puff along behind!
Thanks and hugs.


The good thing about these steps Lunie is that there's a little landing every now and then which gives a person a little time to rest and catch their breath.


Maybe not so many steps this time...


It's possible to but not very convenient Morris. There is a road up to it, but it's not a very good one from what I understand. I'm not sure if you can do a tour without doing the boat. Be nice if you could as not everyone can do stairs.


Can you get here by land, without taking the boat tour??


Funny how stairs just seem to always be there for me Toto! LOL
Alright Marry, we'll lead the pack! When the rest see how much fun we're having, they're make the climb!!!! ICE CREAM - ICE CREAM - ICE CREAM


You said climb... give me stairs, I'll climb them. Always curious to know what is at the top :-))) I'm loving this trip already, lyndee!


You're Lyndee - OF COURSE there would be stairs!!!


Just hold onto the railing Florrie and don't look where you've been!
LOL a kid I was always fasinated with stairs.....but no, I really don't look for them. However, there's always a good view when stairs are involved. :)

Florrie, if we hold hands, you will definitely go if I do. :)


Oh man.....Lyndee!!! When you research vacations is your first requirement STAIRS?!!!


Thanks Florrie.
Start hauling Snooker!!!! :)))

And there has to be ice cream if I'm going to try to haul my butt up 100 stairs. :)

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