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Twelve Days of Christmas Cake

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*whew* Never know when I go beyond... I've done a few cakes in my day but not professionally.

(fyi: you can see a couple on and , although these are simpler in scope than the above. I don't have a photo scanned of my sister's wedding cake...that was a monstrosity!)


Puzzaddled, you weren't going overboard at all! You must be a baker and have baked many cakes before! Or you are just very knowledgable on this subject. :) Thank you for some very interesting facts on this subject.


If you'll permit me to answer to your other questions, Nana:

1. The fondant keeps the cake fresh (it seals it rather like wedding cake in the old days...remember fruit cake with marzipan and royal icing?) for the length of time needed before it is eaten, which is usually within a day or two. (If this is real cake and not styrofoam forms, which you would use for a display. I had the wedding cake (done with forms) that I made for my class for years. These are the cakes that you can rent.)

2. You wrap them (only if needed) with acetate wrap, which you can get by the roll or large sheets. If you have intricate decorations, you don't want to risk wrap knocking them off.

3. Cake plate? lol For a cake this big and heavy, you're going to need something a lot more solid than a plate. You can get (cardboard) cake boards in various thickness for your needs. However, for something like this, I would be making a (plywood) wooden board for the base. And yes, it'll take more than one of you to lift it!

4. Each layer will lift off for cutting (snipping off or removing dowels as you go). Usually each is on a separate cake board since you have to support the weight with dowels. (You can't just stack would be a pancake, then. lol) If you look at each layer above, you can see that each one is (likely) a layer cake.

Hope that you weren't just asking rhetorical questions and that I haven't gone overboard in replying...


Thanks, Jan and puzzaddled!
I had lots of questions for the person who did this...whoever that may be. How are you going to cut that thing? And how can you keep it fresh...not enough Saran Wrap to cover it...forget a cake plate large enough? And why is it sitting in the middle of what looks like a storage room? Then I noticed the bottom of the cake and I see it was Photo-shopped into this picture! Duh!!


Very inventive! I guess you have to be an "ANIMAL" to finish this cake. (*snork* tee hee)


How fun is this! Very fun.....and funny!
Thanks, Nana!


LOL! Yes he is, Jacques! Haha! I've been away from the computer for a long time and so sorry I haven't thanked you all for your great comments. Shopped all day today and I'm bushed! Thank you Sis, robryan, Healer, treker and jacques! :0)


He is Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig!!!!


Yep,...I counted 'em! Terrific.....


Gonzo muppet is a nice touch. Very clever cake!


AMAZING!!! How could you cut this? Thanks,


Wow! How cool is that! Lovely cake. Thanks.