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Where's Growly?

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Hey Freddy.......I dare you to jump up and grab Growly!! HAHAHAHA!!!

Beautiful tree Hester and a great place to have it. Jenny's turn for decorating this year, she likes silver and white, I can't stand it although she does a beautiful job. She doesn't like my turn, lots of colours lights and decorations! We agree on absolutely nothing! Works quite well. Enjoyable puzzle, thanks.


Sue, I always buy the soft needle type of tree. i have my bear's botty comfort as a priority at all times! LOL

Pat, I adore our conservatory. I am so pleased that BB is a handy bloke. I often lie on the sofa in there and look at the stars (with or without a glass of wine, and, at this time of year, a mulled wine is a good plan! :-)


lol . . . I'm not so sure about it being the most sensible place to sit though . . . ouch . . . pine needles not the most pleasant of things to sit on so I hope Christopher Bear took a nice plump cushion up there with him . . . ;D)
He sure looks pleased with himself at having scaled those dizzy heights.

It's even better that Best Beloved didn't carry on until 2003 as then it would have looked as if my OH had built it . . . lol


Your tree was lovely, and it had a splendid setting--I love that room! Neither my husband nor I are that handy--we're lucky if we can assemble a piece of Ikea furniture without having parts left over... LOL!


I should blow my Best Beloved's trumpet here. He built this conservatory, laid the tiles, hoisted the oak beams, the whole nine yards. What's missing from the picture is the plaque we engraved with the roman numerals of the year it was completed, (1999) which are MCMXCIX. Good job he didn't let it drag on till 2000 or it would only have read as MM!!


Thanks Ardy, Katie and Jan! He does look rather pleased with himself, and is particularly well placed for the chocolates that are placed well above Freddy's reach! Mind you, this is from last Christmas as I haven't put our tree up yet and Freddy has grown a lot since then...
Christmas hugs from Growly/Christopher , Ardy! :-))


I also like Katie's new look!


What a wonderful tree! I especially love the blue theme with the garland and ornaments. Christopher Growly Bear has the pride of place. He deserves to be on top! And, your conservatory is lovely. The tiles are fantastic and the roof is beautiful!


Great Christmas tree Hester! Nice solarium too! I love all the birds keeping Christopher company. Thanks.


I knew better than to look within Freddy's range. But what better spot to keep an eye on everything than right under the star. Growly's American cousin wishes him a very Merry Christmas. Beautiful tree and a lovely setting for it. Merry Christmas to you, too, Hester. Thank you.


Growly's alter ego, Christopher the Christmas Bear!