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A foggy landscape - 4

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This was last evening. We were driving to some friends' home, and we saw the fog out on Lake Superior. As we drove, we saw the fog get closer and closer. It was kind of eerie.

Taken June 18, 2019


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Thanks, Nikki. It really could. There's something about fog that draws me if I can at least make out some items in it. When I was growing up in Seattle, the fog would get so thick in the valley below us that one night my father was coming home from work around midnight, and he couldn't even see the hood ornament (which cars had in those days) on the front of the car. He had a strange feeling and stopped the car, got out and walked to the front of the car. He had left the road and was perched on the bank of a deep river! We believe God saved him that night. That kind of fog is not fun!


Wow, what an amazing set, joyfulli. I think this is my favourite as it could be a painting!


Thank you, Returner. I wanted to portray the experience of last evening.


This is a great sequence, Li. I love the blanketed fields in this one.