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Valentine Swirl

49 pieces
127 solves
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Shirley, I hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day as well! A lollipop.... Yum! I'm glad you enjoyed it, my friend..... :-)


Wow, Robbie.... two innovative and way out there interpretations of this puzzle.... well, the latter one was way out there, lol. Love your creativity, my friend. I'm glad you had fun with this one! Happy Valentines Day.


Thank you, dear Mimi! I hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day!


Thank you, puzzadled. I'm glad thought this was a treat. Thank you for your well wishes!... :-)


L, Jim definitely is a sweetie, but, no, he took my "hint" and is getting me a new scanner. I told him that it would not wilt or add pounds. I guess our Valentine's week was at Jekyll. We ate beyond sanity at every restaurant on the island and azaleas were blooming..... So we had our goodies and flowers! Happy Valentines Day to,you also, dear one!


Whoa, I skipped over a bunch of friends...... =-O


Definitley a large lollypop, so sweet, Thank you. and wishing you a lovely valentine's day, Jill.


Thank you, Josie! I'm glad you liked it. Happy Valentine's Day to you as well!


Great puzzle Jill, thank you, Happy Valentines Day.


Also could be one of those giant lollypops laying across a design using sugar coated liquorice sticks
Better still could be one of those pinwheel firecrackers swirling around on your neighbour's barn door Jill!! Do I hear a siren in the distance??!! Fun puzzle and Happy Valentine's Day.


Super candy swirl for a lovely Valentine! Thanks and a wonderful day to you!


What a tasty treat! ;-D You have a Happy Valentine's Day too!


Yummy swirl, Good Buddy.... Bet you got flowers and or candy or maybe even both.... 'cause Jim's a sweetie.... Happy Valentine's Day to you two... :) :)


Now that's what I call a perfect description and a delicious one as well! You are most welcome; Happy Valentines Day!


Yummy peppermint hard candy, with peppermint taffy stretched out behind it!!
Very tasty Valentine treat for us!! Thankyou Jill, have a "lovely" day!! :)