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Neighbours getting ready for spring melt

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I haven't checked this picture for awhile. Thank you Laurajane, photogent and Maryrob for stopping by and you comments. Our temperatures are near the freezing point now and the snow is dropping with the power of the sun. Sorry PG we can't move further south to avoid our cold temps.


Wowwee,what a pile ofs now.Thank you Gladstone.


I know the problem your boarder is too high just lower it to Florida and all will be fine.


That's a ton of snow!


Thank you Janazlouky and Islandflyer. The temperatures have been around the freezing mark for a few days so the sun is warm and our snow is starting to drop. SPRING is here. Next week it is supposed to be a lot above freezing so let's hope that it doesn't melt too fast. Happy Easter to you(day late).


Nice shot, gs. Wow, what a lot of piled up snow.


Happy Easter Gladstone :-)))


Thanks pumpkinhead. I have most of the snow moved away from the house to about ten feet so the melted stuff doesn't come into the basement.


I hope the tha is gradual. After a long winter you do not need flooded basements!


Regina about 115 miles southwest of us got over 6 feet of snow this winter. I never heard our total.


Thank you Toto. This is the most snow we have had in my memory.


Whenever I get tempted to gripe about the remaining snow in my yard, I like come and work one of your puzzles to get a dose of reality. Thanks for keeping me grounded.


Thank you Warbler we're hoping for a slow melt.


Wow. The trials of the weather. I read recently there is concern of some rivers flooding if the wet snowmelt is melted by rain. Hope it goes well.


Thank you Jacquescamus. We don't know what to expect. Hopefully, the rise in temperature is gradual.


Oh yeah -- they don't want that to all seep into the basement!!!


beautiful Gs!


Thank you Angelbender and Gene for stopping by. We have a lot of snow in our area and must get ready for the melting and any problems that comes with that.


Glad it is not like that here LOL

Good thinking. That is a lot of snow to have to move by hand. Whew!!!


The house on the other side of the street got a bobcat in and moved the snow away from their house. Home owners are encouraged to remove snow next to the buildings to prevent basement flooding.