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Kaleidoed stones

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35 pieces
108 solves
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Mandy, you're incredible - what a wonderful, great comment / interpretation.
Tank you so much for joyful reading.


PJ, I don't know what's happened to my comment :~(... I saw giant teddy bears dressed for football... with sapphire blue shoulder pads and turquoise blue boots!!! They are standing right around the edge and looking down in wonder at the magical pink star that mysteriously appeared at their feet!!! Between them are some white mice, with pale blue sleeves on their arms, and they are holding maracas which they are shaking at the mysterious pink light!!! LOL !!!


Thank you Kirsten - glad you liked them and I'm quite relived you handed them back - at least to my screen!


Lovely jewels, PJ. They look like they are whizzing by! Lucky I caught them. LOL Thanks. :)))