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Fancy update, somebody loves me!

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Fancy had a second trip to the Vet yesterday, she still has a little fever of 101, some sneezing and eye infection, she's much better.
She gave it to Rocky, now he's sick. I took him to the Vet today, fever of 104, sneezing and eye infection. Poor baby.


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so cute!


Thank you Nicky, I'll check.


Sorry, back again! I thought you might like to look at this link You can follow sweet little Heather cat's diary - she was just like your little Fancy. I hope you enjoy reading about her and seeing the photos.


Do hope he gets better soon. Ever tried the visualisation technique? You sit quietly and concentrate really hard and visualise the fluid draining away from Rocky's eyes, see (in your mind's eye) Rocky's eyes getting better and better until they are clear and sparkling. Do this when ever you think of it during the day. It's a technique sometimes taught to cancer patients. It's been proved and documented that cancer patients who do the technique have a better recovery rate - just a suggestion. Best Wishes, Nicky.


Poor Rocky's never been sick before, he plays with Fancy, but I can tell he's not as active as usual, still sneezing and his eyes are still draining.


What a beautiful little baby - her eyes look much better in this picture. So sorry Rocky got it too though.


The Vet said it could be a type of herpes virus, like a cold sore type, and if it is, there's no cure.
I'm think about having someone else look at them for a second opinion, if they don't get over this.
But yeah, they chase each other, he washed her ears, and walk side by side. So cute. Just got to get them over this bug!


Boy, that bug sure is hanging on...and I'm sitting here all grins knowing they have become good friends! :DDD


Hi Faye, I've been away from the computer for a few days.
They have both improved but they still have the virus. I took Rocky to the Vet today, he has a fever of 102, and sneezing like crazy. His eyes are better.
Fancy is sneezing and coughing, and her eyes were better, but have dark drainage again from both eyes. Her Vet appointment is Monday.
The Vet gave Rocky another shot of antibiotic, and new eye ointment for both of them. This is the third eye treatment they've tried on my babies. The bug is being stubborn!
They are both some what playful, her more than him. But they've made good friends, I'm thrilled.
Thanks for checking up on them.


How's everyone doing? :)


Have the wee ones improved? Are you holding your own? :D


Hi Mimi. You're right, Fancy is doing better, not over it yet, but on the mends. Rocky's one eye is still red and swollen, and still sneezing, so I'm guessing he still has a feaver. The Vet says he's not allowd outside yet. He's been fusy.
Hope all is well with you. That's right, I haven't seen you around jigidi for a few days!


I've been away for 3 days and just found out about this. Fancy is looking so good, and I hope by now that Rocky is fine!


Hi goingsilver, thank you. Rocky isn't taking it very well. He's use to having his own way. His one eye is really red. I called the Vet today. He said don't let him out. She is doing better, but it's taken her 3 weeks and 2 shots to get there, and she is still not over it.

Hi gnt, Fancy is feeling better, and playful. So funny to watch. Thanks for the get well wished for them. Rocky is use to being active, he's having a tough time not getting to go out.


Glad fancy is better and hope Rocky gets well soon


Get well soon Fancy and Rocky. She looks tons better, and it is great they are getting along, just a shame he's now ill. Fingers crossed for both of them.


Thank you Jack, She's a sweet little thing.


i love you fancy!


Thank you pumpkin, I just told her, and she said "brrrrrrrow"?
I'm keeping Rocky inside till his fever goes down, he wants out so bad... Her fever is down, but not gone yet. You can tell she feels better.


Thank you for the update on Fancy, and Rocky. Kids do spread their germs to each other. Hope they are both on the mend...
and tell Fancy that she has a whole family on jigidi who love her!


Snooker, the Vet says, looks like she's going to make it! Now if they can both just shake this virus!

Thanks Chickie, gotta love em! I do.

Hi Michelle, I know what you mean, we have two grown daughters, and these two are our fuzzy children. They loved the extra pats, thanks!

Laura, Fancy is so loving and so greataful to have a family, and now a big brother. I caught his washing her ears this afternoon. Too cute.

Hi Carol, they love chin scratching! She is doing better, now to just get them both over this bug. The Vet said Rocky picked it up from just being around her, and she was in rough shape when we got her. We should see some improvment in Rocky is a couple of days. =)


Petsmom, I hope so too, they are little troupers about taking they eye drops.

Hi Faye, Rocky is a little ham! Thanks for their well wishes. This is the first time Rocky has ever been sick!

Thank you Robryan, Thank you , and I hope so too.

Cobalt, thank you for the well wishes, they are both laying around today.


Poor both "Babies"...........she is looking so much better........chin scratches for both.....please keep up us to date........... :)?


She really has come a long way, Healer!. It brought tears to my eyes when I saw what she looked like before and in this shot now. All the TLC has brought healing to her little body and soul.


Poor babies...I hope that they'll be better soon. It's just so difficult when animals and young children get so sick like this. You can't explain it to them and it is so hard to see them suffer with illnesses. Gentle pats to both Fancy and Rocky, Jeannie.


Aw, bless their hearts.

What a difference in the little waif. Hope they are both better very soon.


Good to hear the good news. Hope they are both up and at it real soon. Feel better Fancy & Rocky


Thanks for the update Healer!! Hope they both recover soon.


Oh, she looks so much better...snuggled up...warm and cozy. Hope both Fancy and Rocky kick this within a day or two...Still giggle every time I check your page and see Rocky hanging upside down! :DDD

Hope they're both better soon. So sad when our little ones are ill. Beautiful picture. Thanks, Healer.


Your welcome. Thanks Maryrob and Susan for checking in on her, and the well wishes for Rocky. I agree, I think Rocky is bounce back faster, but it's viral and this happens sometimes. They are getting along much better also!!! =)

glad your baby girl is doing better but so sorry Rocky's not well. at least he's going into this infection healthy and doesn't have as much to overcome. thanks for the update.


I am glad she is better and sure hope Rocky does ok.Thanks Healer.