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This Bud's For You!

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590 solves
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Thanks, roseheather! :-)))


Hum, I didn't do too bad on this one - 1:23:11

Thanks, PD, this was a nice one to do. ; )


Oh, my, I've been compared to my number one hero--yay!!! I have cooked more of her recipes than all the other famous chefs combined! Thanks, siouxzn--and I loved your imagery! And thank you, whatnauts--darn, you were so close! I'm glad you like regular swirls better, because I would much rather make them than these--I would, and will, make more of these, if you and/or others request more, but not as happily as the others! :-)))


Pd's the Julia Child of puzzledom whatnauts; we, happily, get to lick the spoon. :-)


I definitely like swirls better, but this was a nice diversion. (37:37)

Now, as for siouxzn - puzzle casseroles???? skittle candy petals???? I DO love your way with words. Keep on keepin' on!!


Thanks pd, I enjoyed these Skittle candy petals with the Necco Wafer (remember those?) center. I like the change up of border colors, although I'm perfectly happy with the standard black one. Your puzzle casseroles are always delicious.


Interesting to solve...but I like the regular swirls better... (45:12).


Thanks so much, grannygg (you don't have to beg--just ask!), jranders, whatnauts (of course I don't mind!), Rainiqui, and Kathy (wow, I hadn't noticed the solves until you mentioned it!)! I started working on a borders one last night, but it ended up sort of a swirl/borders, with rectangular sections superimposed on a swirl. I think some of my swirls--especially the concentric ones--are actually very similar to borders, just round instead of rectangular! But the solving isn't quite the same, if you love to make long chains of matching color orders, and then connect the chains to each other--that's what I love about borders, and why I always liked them better than swirls... But I will make more regular borders again, I promise!


This is so super-duper, Pat! And again a very popular puzzle - as well it should be!!


Thanks for a great time Pat !


granygg, have you seen this puzzle by tigress? It's frames, sorta like a borders puzzle -

(I hope you don't mind PD.)


There's nothing wrong with blocks of colour, PD, and you're not alone in liking them. You know, when I first started doing puzzles at Jigidi, jill4art (or her other alias) used to post squares puzzles, usually 4x3 squares, if I'm remembering correctly. Hers all had patterns in them, sort of like fabric patterns. Those were the only puzzles I did for quite awhile. Perhaps I got squared out!!! Anyhoo, I see you've gotten a request for more borders puzzles.

I don't know when I'll get a chance to work this puzzle but I really do love it. Very appealing. Can't wait.

I would like to cast my vote for a very large and brightly colored "borders" puzzle every once in a while......please?? Seeing as I do not create puzzles, I've resorted to begging! Maybe that will work!?!?!?!?


Ah, you're obviously still at work, corrupting me, trying to turn me from the straight (if not necessarily narrow) puzzle-road onto the curvy/swirly/flower-thingy one! I, who used to prefer blocks of color, and borders (remember when I made several of those each week?!), am now curling and swooping and generally going around in circles! LOL!


I don't think it's messed up at all. Looks great to me.

It's good for the brain to be doing something different. Now that it's used to swirls, it can get used to these flower thingies. I still haven't done the other one you posted. I'll get to it - I've promised myself :) LOL


Ah, good, you didn't mention the messed up center either! LOL! (See the small version, if you want to find out how, once again, I goofed up!). I made this because people seemed to really like this kind of design when I first made a similar one a week or so ago. I'm going to solve this one, because I want to see just how different it is to solve from a "normal" swirl! Hey, it took me a long time to figure out how to solve those, and now here I am messing with the formula! :-)))


This is terrific PD. I love the shapes, the overlapping and the colours!!