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Kirriemuir Town Center

20 pieces
130 solves
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PG, I may have to break down and read the manual. Woe is me! Thanks fot the help with this issue, PG.
Thank you for your comments, lyndee, tangarine, Ank, chickie and pumpkin. You guys are wonderful!


Love the natural light as well as the Christmas lights on the building!


I love the cozy little street Laura. Thanks


It looks like you had the wide angle lens as wide as you can get it in this one LJ. It is a little difficult to correct this tilting without some software or a tilt lens. If you move to the left a little and can get up higher some of it will go away but other then that you have to live with it.


Very nice, and beautiful the way the sun shines on it.

Great lighting and really quaint town.


What a very unique looking street. You got some really neat pictures Laurajane.