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The wood pile ~ this Winter's heat source.

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Thank you peahen4. They are great. Looked like a fun day.


Hi Chickie, we heat with wood in 1/2 our house, the other 1/2 is propane. My husband still cuts, buzz saws, splits, and stacks a full wood shed every year, even though he is now 70. Click on my profile to see the pictures I posted for you.


I am with Ank, love the smell of wood burning. It was a nice trip chickie.


A lot of work, but I like the smell of it, burning.


Thank you Celeste, Hanne and shirley.

They get snow, but not sure about a lot. It does get cold there Hanne, similar to the winters in Illinois.


As a young person I've split wood, mum had a wood stove, no electricity, so we used a wood stove all year round. Thanks chickiemama.

I think anther is from OZ, not sure which state.


You've got to make much, of course it all depends on how the winter is. Have they got lots of snow and cold weather? Thanks Sandy!


Great picture.. love the blue sky.
thanks Chickie


It split really easy ebkrueg. Just shattered. Thank you ebkrueg and PLG.


They say that it heats you up 3 times: once when you split it, once when you stack it, and again when you burn it! Love the puzzle -- thanks, CM!


I hope the wood has aged a bit - two years or so before you burn it.


Thank you ibeeducky and anther for the information.

anther, where do you live? Just curious.


Great pic CM. Interesting conversation going on. I'd have wood in an instant. Shame Lyndee's not closer - like in the same country! Actually our combustion heater has worn out - needs a new ceiling or upper lining. It burnt out a couple of years ago and while we could burn wood most would go up the chimney. Expensive to fix so we've used RC/AC and heaters since but not the same. Yes saves energy, ours, but it's also fun to go out and collect wood. Councils have stopped willy-nilly collecting on roadsides but if you know someone with plenty it's OK (farmers). We measure by ute loads or loads by weight, about 1 tonne. Never heard of cords/face cords.
Similarly, haven't heard of locust trees either. Locusts here are a big pest that come in plagues - clean up all the green in sight as they pass through. They're like grasshoppers but brown.


1 cord is 4 x 4 x 8 or 128 cubic feet....and morris186 is correct that locust is a good hardwood for burning. Pine and and spruce have to dry good, they are a softwood pine. A regular winter we burn about 4 - 5 cords. A really cold winter, we pray to find some really good hardwood or tamarack wood.Fireplace wood has gotten pricey over the years, just like all the other fossil fuels.


Locust burns good, lyndee,

Men and chainsaws!!!

Probably face cords.


Morris, I have some locust. Don't know how that burns. Also have some pine and spruce and I know they are too sappy to burn inside. Good for a bon fire though. Whenever hubby gets out his chain saw, I never know how many trees will disappear! LOL


Wood stove morris.

Treker, I could have the term wrong. You know how that goes.


24 cords? They must live in


24 cords or 24 face cords? 24 cords is a lot of firewood!
Do they have a wood stove or a fireplace?

What kind of wood do you have lyndee?


They would take it in a minute lyndee. Too bad so far.
Thank you jcarroll. Yes a lot of work for even the young. I wouldn't having a wood stove for backup here. Bet you are glad you have it jc.


I have a stack of wood I would like to give you. Nobody around here burns wood. Everyone has fireplaces, but nobody burns it....including me.


Great set today,CM. Trying to heat their house with wood alone is a whole lot of work for a young, fit person. I don't envy them; I've done it!
Start a fire, keep a fire going whether you feel like it or not.
We supplement our heating with burning wood. Our propane furnace requires electricity. When the electric goes out and it has on several occasions, we can keep the living room warm and the pipes from freezing.
I hope they have good insulation!


They spend a day every weekend getting wood. This is the first winter in this house, so they don't know how much wood they will need. He wants to have 24 cords ready. If they have extra, they will sell it.


Looks like a lot of work.