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Plants in kitchen window

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The oxalis on the right is from a plant that was given to my friend Helen's mother as a wedding gift. Helen would have been 101 this year and she was the second child. That makes this plant well over 100 years old.


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Barb, glad you saw this. If Jigidi will let me open a file I'll post another picture of this window with something added. I've been trying for two hours and finally sent an email to Stefan for help. Thanks for coming by. I'm going to give it another try.


Just saw this puzzle now, Ardy! What a joy it must be to stand at the kitchen window and have these lovely plants to look at. Makes washing dishes a lot more pleasurable I'm sure. And thanks for the nice story about the oxalis. :-)


Liane, I hadn't thought about it being tropical but it is. Thank you I'll enjoy my windowsill even more during the winter. So glad you came by.


Lovely blooms and very tropical . It's amazing the longevity of the oxalis .


Thanks, Katie. These seem to survive in spite of what I do or don't do.


Ank, I have a watering routine. The oxalis and the poinsettia get watered on Monday and Thursday while the cactus and the orchid get watered on Monday. The oxalis has gotten some type of bug in it that makes the stems all sticky. I've had to cut it back to soil level at different times and let in come back again.


Hi Ardy, those are both impressive plants!


Ardy I'm afraid I would become nervous. Don't forget or don't too much, watering. Mostly my plants do well, but I think I would try to take such good care, that I 'm over doing. It's lovely.


Hi Laurajane. Some friends have taken plugs and started their own plants but as far as I know this is the only one still blooming. I noticed this morning that these blossoms are gone. I took the picture a few days ago. I think it's going into its rest stage. Thanks for coming by and placing a star up high on the board.


I had no idea a house plant could live that long! Pretty, delicate little pink flowers in the photo.


Welcome Pinkandblack. I have no green thumb but I love the plants and talk to them a lot. They like this eastern exposure window as well. During the hottest part of summer I give up some counter space to get them out of the heat at the window - not the cactus. It loves the heat! Thanks for stopping by. Your avatar is my favorite color.


Thanks, Hanne. You saw the orchid as a single a couple of days ago. It's blooming for the first time in 20 months. The cactus was a tiny thing when a friend gave it to me a number of years ago. It needs to be repotted but I don't like getting stuck by its thorns.


Your plants look well loved.


It's quite an old plant!!! It's SO funny to have plants like that. We have a Hoya Carnosa which my parents had as a wedding gift in 1938. It was a pretty big plant already then. Thanks so very much Ardy, your orchid is impressing too!!


Dagmar, So glad you saw this. This window is right above the kitchen sink. I look out of it often. I'm sure the iris will still be there when you have time - even if it's summer. Thanks for taking a look. I need to go get breakfast!!


You're welcome, SoulRebel. Thanks for stopping by.


Hi Ardy, I was just having a peek into Jigidi when I saw you posting this and I had to sign in to say that I love the story of your oxalis here it is an outdoor plant that grow in my front patio. Here in Madrid I have a ficus elastica that has lived with us for thirty years now. I like the view out of your windows. It is always nice to see some green when you have a look outside.
Thanks for sharing this story, I also saw your beautiful irises but I will have to come back later now I must rush back to the kitchen or there will be no lunch today. LOL
Have a nice day.


Beautiful and a lovely story too - thanks