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Brittle star, an echinoderm

40 pieces
56 solves
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Beautiful! I am starry eyed in admiration :-) Thank you, Jill.

PS Could you ease off on the big words please? I don't have as much research time since you told me about apps LOL.


A beautiful Starfish, that's what it tis Jill, Thanks. Wishing you a wonderful 2013 Jill.


Lol, Jo. Glad I can send some learnin' your way, lol! They do look like mini kaleidoscopes! I'm glad you liked it on this New Years Eve. Happy New Year, my friend!


Hey...I made the list!! (7) Well Jill, I certainly am getting edjemakated here on jigidi!! This is the second word I had to look up!! LOL I remember the meaning from somewhere, but I don't remember the name. Is that like I know the answer, but what was the question? Anyways, this puzzle is just beautiful!! The pink remind me of mini kaleidoscopes, that I truely love!! It is officially New Years Eve Day here,(12:16a.m.) I think it's time for bed, nighty nite, until tomorrow! :)


Thank you, kirsten! I'm very happy that you loved it! You are more than welcome, my friend.... :-)


The brots are beautiful, and that green background is sublime. Thanks Jill. I love it!! :)))