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Spectacled Owls - mother and baby - by Steve Wilson

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Thanks. I'm still trying to find a home for her. It's going to break my heart to part with her if she does find another home. Half of me really wants to take her with me and hope for the best. She's come such a long way during the year I've had her. She's so bonded with me it's amazing. She's even been coming up to me and putting her face right in between me and my computer monitor, something she hadn't done before. I'm able to spend a lot of time with her because I'm in my office the most of all the rooms in my house, and I doubt if a new owner would do that. It would take a very special person to want to continue undoing the harm that was done to her. She was picked up off the street as a pregnant kitten and spent three years in foster care, a good portion of that time in a crate to keep her safe from the other cats that wanted to attack her. She's so timid she'd curl up on her back in a ball. I've seen her do it with me when I've come into the office too quickly, but even that's almost in the past.

Poor Charlotte. A move like that is going to be stressful for even the most calm cat. I'll send Charlotte some calming and courageous thoughts and the hope that her new wonderful owner shows up soon.


Hi Janis, this was buried in my bookmarks, so I just noticed it. Sorry! The Oregonian ran an online feature about her, but I only got one person calling and she wasn't a good fit. I have an ad on Craigsist but haven't gotten any emails from it. I'm going to be very careful if her new owner is from there. I'll have to visit the home and check the person out carefully. Worse comes to worst, I'll take her, but it would be terrible for her to have to go through such a long plane ride in cargo. It would greatly set her back and be physically stressful for her. As it is, she's secluded in my bedroom office, and lives on a dining room table in there because she's afraid to jump down to use the litter box. I have to make sure the door is shut when I think she needs to go. Sometimes, she'll have an accident on the table if she's too scared to jump down. I'd like to find a home for her where there are no other animals to terrify her.

Charlotte needs a home with no kids where she is the only cat and is free to explore her environment in her own time. Do you know anyone who lives alone and could use some quiet, laid back company? That would be the perfect place for Charlotte.

My three all come from a local shelter and would take them back if I ever had to give them up. Last year, the shelter sent out a plea for money because donations had decreased so much that they were afraid they would have to close. People responded and the shelter has stayed open.


No, the cats don't know yet. The sad thing is that I won't be able to take Charlotte, and am looking for a good home for her. She's very timid, and won't adjust well, especially after a long plane ride. I don't know what I'm going to do about her. If I can't find her a good home, I'll have to take her with me. I've had her for a year. She was picked up as a pregnant kitten, and in foster care for three years before I got her in a trade with Alvin last year. She was crated for many months, perhaps as long as a year, because she other cats picked on her and she wouldn't defend herself. Cats know the weak ones, for sure. I'm afraid to put an ad on craigslist, but I may have to. None of the shelters here are taking any cats other than pregnant ones and kittens.

I'm glad you have a place like that to donate items. Without places like that, more animals would suffer.

It's good that you're going to be closer to family. You'll be able to visit with them much more often. Have you told your cats yet? One of mine can't stand a ten minute drive to the vet so I don't know how I would move him.

I didn't know about Volunteers of America. I'll keep them in mind. I usually give my stuff to Angels With Tails Resale shop - a local store. The owner also has a holistic pet food store. All proceeds from the resale shop go to her animal shelter fund.


I apologize, Janis, but this puzzle got buried in my bookmarks and I just found it.

I'm moving to be closer to my sister, who lives in Florida. My brother lives in Delaware and my other sister is still in New York, so we'll all be on the East Coast, much easier to visit than in Oregon.

I had Volunteers of America come over last week and they took so much stuff from me, a lot of clothes and such. I also donated the books I didn't want to take with me to them. They sell them in their store and use the proceeds to help people in crisis, while all the clothing and household items get donated to people directly. Even though I shop at Goodwill at times, I'd much rather give my things to Volunteers of America than to Goodwill, where the CEO makes more than half a million a year and they sell things at much higher prices than they used to.

My cousin really likes owls, so I put created these puzzles for her. I never saw this kind of owl before, but they sure are beautiful. Are you moving to be near family? If you have a BetterWorldBooks donation site near you (I just spotted one today while I was out), give the books to them. They sell over the internet, via and all their proceeds support world literacy efforts.


Wonderful puzzle. It's interesting the chick is as large as its mother. I was going through my books tonight because I'm moving to Florida, and came across Wesley the Owl. I'm donating about half my book collection, but Wesley is coming with me