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Oh dear, which way WAS that yellow brick road from yesterday?

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You're funny, Libby. I knew sooner or later you'd get it. What, me worry about looking silly? It's my middle name, in case you have noticed any of my comments over the years... As far as my generosity on your wonderful avatar, it was not nearly as generous as it was true. Have you ever seen the photo of the dog running towards the camera, and her body was three feet off the ground and her ears were high up? It's gone viral throughout the years, and many people have posted it as puzzles on Jigidi. That photo had nothing on yours of Callie Lou and her one ear up and the other one down. So, no need at all to be humble, my dear.


I had to come see you specially to say it took a while for me to realize what you were saying about complimenting a turkey...I'm a wee bit slow!!! Joyce changed her avatar...duh! Fortunately, javasage replied before Joyce left her comments, so I don't think you need to worry about looking silly (unless you want to)!!!
I was kind of proud of that pic myself...your compliment about that being one of the greatest avatars you've seen on Jigidi is MOST generous, my humble thanks! ;-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))