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Colored Pencil Swirl

400 pieces
278 solves
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Swirls have always been tricky for me, especially with a relatively flat part of one, where I'm not sure which way the curve goes, and I don't have the top of the box to refer to! I still miss that, even though it's easy enough to pause the puzzle. It's still not the same thing as having the picture in front of you constantly, for easy reference...... :-)))


And another. Funny how I get those reversals and have to really concentrate on which color, or a two color piece, is what I need. I think I have it figured out and it is the wrong edge. ; )

Thank you, PD. My time 1:54:38


Thanks, whatnauts!


I think we'll figure it out if the black box stays. I just finished this puzzle and it was great. 41:55


Well, I can only tell everyone that I try to crop as closely as possible without cutting off any part of the actual design, so if they see lots of extra black, it isn't mine! But I'm not about to add that statement to every puzzle, of course... I can always hope that, once everyone gets used to the New form, they'll realize that they have to make allowances for that black......


That was pretty much the exact point I made to TPTB. If they don't change the background, I will have to judge between the thumbnail and the preview pic to figure out how much background there is. However, in my personal case, I can't imagine not doing the largest version of a swirl and I'm pretty much doing the medium versions of your other puzzles, so it shouldn't be a problem for me. As to the other solvers....


When this puzzle first popped up as I was creating it, I was afraid I had forgotten to crop it--that dratted black box showed up there, too! I erased it, and went back to Paint to crop it, only to realize that it was the box, not the puzzle, making the huge black background... And when I think of how people (no names now...!) sometimes prefer to do smaller versions if there's too much black background, I am really annoyed that that is exactly the way it will look!


400 pieces!!! Yahoo.

I wrote Jigidi today with my comments. Forgot to mention I like the new max size. But I did mention the black preview box. I think I now understand why some people are complaining about more scrolling. I didn't realize you would see the new Information Box under your puzzle when you looked at the puzzles you created. But since you have to click on Info every time you pull up a puzzle in order to hide it, perhaps it might be easier to monitor your recently created puzzles by simply going to your profile page and manually eyeballing the comments on the last couple of days' puzzles.


Good morning to you too, siouxzn! I hope it was a good beginning! And I hope you don't mind that I'm now going to try to make the swirls as big as the New Jigidi will allow, which can be even bigger than this, if I make the original right. If they start to seem toooo big, just let me know, and I'll add another size for you. Thanks!


Good morning pd..and, my day begins...........