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Shaded Squares - Wowser Size ENJOY (doesn't match)

540 pieces
95 solves
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This was great, Sue. Thanks again. (1:24:04)


Finally got around to this. Another great squares puzzle!

Thank you, I bookmarked some. (:


Oh Pat, that is the nicest thing anyone has said lately. How kind of you to tell me, though you have alluded to it before. June has mentioned that Jigidi has made her life interesting again. So many people/friends you would never have "met". I have met several of our members though and Gail has too.

Thanks ianwill. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Unwrought--check back on Sue49 or Sue1 or maybe even SueAnne. I have others posted in different sizes. Nothing was this big till the format changed a couple of months ago. Before that 432 was the largest I could post.

I loved this one, anyone know similar puzzles?


Another Wowser winner of a puzzle. Thank you for all you do!


Thanks for the offer, Sue! I really do often think about how I got so hooked on Jigidi, due to a love of your puzzles, and that, because of that, I finally ended up creating my own, which has been such a wonderfully rewarding experience, and has helped this life-long depressed person find new joy and a sense of purpose and pleasure that was missing for so long...... What I'm trying to say is that, even if you decided never to make another squares puzzle, I'd still be in your debt forever.... :-)))


Just remind me when I haven't posted one in awhile and if I have one in my folder, I'll post it for you. I don't have another one right now, but will probably make a couple next week. I actually think I'll be free from subbing for 4 days next week. Have been subbing since before Christmas.


Yes, it does add more difficulty, and I sometimes like that, but in the wowser size I'm quite happy with this degree of difficulty! And I agree--I love the shaded squares very much! I can't tell you (though heaven knows I've certainly tried, with as many superlatives and exclamation points as possible!) how much I look forward to seeing a new Sue squares puzzle appear--thanks again! :-)))


The 1=1 just adds an extra challenge to it. I don't bother with ones that big anyway, but others enjoy it. I do like the look of the shaded squares though.


Darn it, I wish one of those "cold" fronts would come through up here! LOL! Have a wonderful time, Sue, and you never have to apologize to me about the lack of a 1=1 match--I know others prefer that, but I am quite content with the easier mismatch setup! :-)))))


Low 70s today with a slight drizzle in the AM as a "cold" front came through. Bright sunshine now. Can't wait to go out in the woods (and leave school behind for a bit). Have a great weekend.


Woohoo, this is wonderful - great colours, great shaded squares. Enjoy your weekend. I'll be staying in and working puzzles - it's still below freezing here :)))


Someone just left a message on the smallest size saying it was too small and easy, needed to be bigger. Evidently they don't know me, my puzzles or my friends very well, LOL. All anyone needs to do is ask (which they did not do), but I had already posted it in 3 larger sizes before that one. TeeHee. Oh well. Perhaps they will find this one, silly.


I am sorry it doesn't match up 1=1, but I haven't figured a way to do the shaded one like that. Perhaps it simply won't work, but I keep playing with it because I actually like it so much better than the regular squares. I will be gone Thurs-Sun to go camping with my horses....trail riding in the forests with good friends...doesn't get much better than that.


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I'm in the wrong profile, getting things ready for tomorrow's postings, but I couldn't wait to shout with joy!!! LOL! Thanks so much, Sue!!!