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Fooling around with friends!

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I understand him perfectly well, if I had the time and leisure to experiment as I wanted I just don't know where to start and there are a thousand possiblities waiting. But right now my pupils are waiting and I'd better start running. :))


And I'm sorry to say that if we asked him he might not be able to say exactly what he had done. He has SO many alternatives and possibilities and cross around in them trying something here and a little there, mixing different effects etc. He works in layers very much. Every day he finds new ways and buttons to press, so I think it's a lifetime job to come to an end, if you ever can. Thanks so very much Dagmar.


I get tired just from looking at all those stairs. :))

Tell Bent I like what he is doing with his images. In the beginning I was able to imagine what he did, but now I'm completly lost, but I love seeing the results. :))


I hope you had too!! Thanks so very much whatnauts!


Round and round they go. They do look like they are having a lot of fun. Thanks to both of you.


Thanks so very much Mimi!! So glad you like them!!


This is so funny, very light and cheery!


Thanks so very much, Lela, glad you saw them!!


Ha-Ha....just chillin' on the stairs!.....Good one Hanne & Bent!....


Yes Jo, they enjoy themselves very much - anyway most of them!! Thanks so very much!

Our friends just chose some other colours to amuse us while we wait for December. Thanks so very much Robbie!!


Hanne looks like your friends are 'moonwalking' up a very steep and long staircase. Greenie with the white cap is cooling out for a while. Purple hat has hurt his knee in the lower left corner. Turquoise in the centre was showing off and fell, luckily there is a soft waterbed that he landed on. The others are just 'stepping out!!'
Thanks Bent and Hanne.


Lots of fun playing on the spiral staircase!! Hope they don't get too dizzy!! :) :)