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Miminko 16 mesicu

20 pieces
48 solves
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baby 16 months


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Thank you Ank and Grannygoatlady


And still growing....the giant breed dogs don't finish filling out until they are about 2 or 21/2 yrs. old. He's a really good looking dog............


A beauty


Angel, it is a "Puppy" of the German dogs it is not Dalmatian of blue tub, he was just at the vet on the injection and bad dog barked at him yorkshir, it's not my dog, picture doing my daughter Andrea, when she was with her cat, also at the vet.

One big baby. Is that one of the litter in the blue tub? He/she doesn't look too happy to be at the vet's. Don't they give out treats when they leave? Mmaybe he would rather go to the drive-in bank. Here they send dog bones to your dog with your deposit record. I learned that from 'Lexis, my first dachshund. She climbed on top of me to get to the window when they sent the cartridge back. She knew, I didn't.

great looking dog. and a big one too.