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First iMac Grid (Smaller)

42 pieces
103 solves
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Great Grid, thanks Pat :~)


It would only take a few minutes, Mimi! Paintbrush is very basic--you get a rectangle, a rounded corners rectangle, an oval, a straight line, and a curved line. You pick how wide you want the lines to be, and what color you want for the lines and the fill, and then you just do it! LOL! Really, that's the way I learned Paint, which has many more shapes and texture options--I just kept playing with them and figured it out that way. Paintbrush on the iMac has even fewer things to figure out (although I must admit I still haven't figured out how to crop the finished image from all the extra blank background--I still have to use LunaPic to do that!). It's nice of you to imply that it would take that long to teach you all my "skills", but your time frame is about as accurate as it is when you tell me it takes weeks to solve one of my puzzles! LOL! Thanks, Mimi! :-)))


I love this!
I have a Mac too, but have no idea how to do these wonderful things. Could you stop by and show me. Shouldn't take more than a month or two! :))


The iMac Paintbrush lets me make much thicker lines, which are therefore blunter, so we have to thank it for the added safety.......LOL!

Thanks, Katie, Ardy, Edie, and Lela! :-)))))


I must say, it is gratifying to see you are no longer leaving sharp, dangerous points about!.......


Nothing wrong here. Even rounds the corners off for careless passerbys. Thanks Pat for all your hard work.


I even made the board, Pat, number 10, but there for athe moment. Lovely fun colors. Thank you for being willing to work at something new.


Great first iMac grid Pat! Keep it up! :>)


Thanks for the vote of confidence! :-)))

You're doing great on your Mac!