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Love them froggies #6

49 pieces
108 solves
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Thanks Janine! :)))

WOW !!! Love the pinwheel effect and the use of blue.


Rob you crack me up!!! I'm gonna work on a PUUUREEEEEEEE for you!!!! LOL


Diane, I remember when I could only where dresses or skirts to school. When I hit high school that all changed for me. But I do know what you mean. So glad you liked it! By the way, call me Deborah. :)))


This is one 'Pulse' short of Frog Puree Deborah!! I love the little red faces in the corners!!! Cute :)))

Well,here we go again- Guess what I thought of when I saw this puzzle-grammer school on the playground-draw a big snail in the dirt,get a stone and work your way to the middle-In those days,the girls wore dresses or skirts,not pants.- Thanx for the memory. DIANE