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Can You Remember These?

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I wish I still had one!


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To me, these are the new style. We had a post a good distance out, and pulleys mounted to the post and the house. The clothesline wrapped around both pulleys and was continuous. Mom would go out onto the back porch with the laundry basket, clip something on, slide it out to expose more line, clip another on, etc. Taking things off was just the reverse - remove the first item, reel in the second. We could also use it from the ground, but this was a lot less carting around of the laundry basket, and less chance of accidental drops. It also let it be longer because one end was considerably higher, mounted on the house.

The most memorable part, though, was that the pulleys squeaked. You could always tell when Mom was working the clothesline. The screech was remarkably like a blue jay's alarm cry, which confused me now and again.


Yes, I bought spray paint in forest green to spray my wrought iron plant stands, so I'll be doing the same thing. I have no excuse, it's warm here already!! Thanks, Cel!


My poles are a rusted brown. I went digging for some paint. Only thing I found was some pine green.
giggles.. I know what I'm going to be doing on the next warm day .


I so agree with everyone about that fresh smell. Sometimes the old and seemingly inconvenient way is the best way. The clothesline we had was just like in this pic, only not red! Wooden clothespins, too. Thanks, Jiggy, Patti, Cel, Gracie & Rob, glad you enjoyed the memories. I think all of us can relate to this one!


I have a clothes line & a Dryer tex. I use the dryer only when it's wet or if I'm in a hurry. I love towels that lin- dry on a windy day - makes them softer & fluffier if they dry that way.When I was a kid we had long lines strung across the yard with long poles to prop them up!!


I don't have to remember this Tex! my next door neighbour has one.


I still have mine and hang clothes and linens out any chance I get
:) smiles


I still see them now and then. :) Thanks, TS!


That fresh smell was wonderful! Thanks, Tex


We always had one at home, and hanging the wet stuff was usually my job as soon as I was old enough. I still remember that delightful smell. I guess it never leaves you. Thanks, Lajuin, Muggles and Jan!


I had one all of the years we had kids at home. Made ironing my husband's white shirts less of a chore.

Had one "bad" experience. My husband was out of town and we had to take our Japanese student to the airport. I had all of the sheets on the lines - I would bring them in and make the beds all fresh. While we were gone a major rainstorm came. Alas. Had to bring them in and use the dryer so we could go to bed.

Wish I had one in the back yard


Yes, when I was a kid, I helped Mom wash and put out the clothes and sheets. The smell of them blowing in the wind was so delightful. Not much ironing either. Put the sheets right back on the bed. Many homeowners Association will not let you hand out washing. Just not the same in the dryers.


Robbie, Robbie, Robbie! How we missed you! I have to agree with you about the teeth (tees), and Chooks, I never thought you'd figure out that I'm hiding him!
Laura, of course I never told them. They all grew up to be bigger than me!


By the way, Chookies, I bought my wooden clips in a hardware store.


Ah, Tex, what a little imp you were. Did you ever confess to your nieces and nephews or are they blissfully ignorant to this day?


Come to think of it - it sure does look like 'im, Robbie - I believe he's gone into hiding!!!!


I sure do Tex and my mom had a ringer washer to go along with it. She would haul baskets of laundry up a dozen steps, then halfway up a hill to the clothesline!! Hey is that Jacques hiding in the bushes? I recognize his teeth!! (Hee-Hee) Fun puzzle and comments, thanks.


Here's a memory for you: I always had to watch my younger nieces & nephews when they all came to visit on holidays, and at Easter, I'd get very tired of hiding the eggs over and over! So I once put them all in a pail and hung the pail on one of those hooks on the clothesline pole! They hunted for hours before they gave up!


I've never seen them red either, maybe it matches the house. Interesting about the wooden pins, Chooks, I didn't know that, nor did I know you could roll up the wire. I thought Bomber meant the poles, which would make it handy to mow around. And oh, how I remember those birds getting inside the poles, too, Warbler! Sweet memories.


My grandmother had a clothes line like this. I got one now in Arizona. Don't use mine in Idaho until July, too much rain until then. Thanks for the reminder.


I also remember being pretty little and my sister and I would pin up a pair of old sheets side by side with the same pins and pull them apart at the bottom and wieght them with rocks, to make a tent, and play in it. Our cross poles didn't have capped ends and a wren would nest in one of the poles. Thanks for the memories, Tex.


Tex, the only place we can purchase wooden clothes pegs now is in Craft Stores. They're all made of plastic now. The clothes line also retracts into a unit at one end and when the line isn't in use, you just unclip one end and walk the line into the unit and the clothes line is out the way.


Haven't seen these in a long time, when we were first married and living in New Mexico, I used these all year long to dry our laundry. Mrs. Quinn!


We still have them here in Arizona. Though I haven't seen any painted red.


Well we could do with them too, since we get hardly no cold weather here. Chooks, by wooden dolly pegs, did you mean the clothespins? I do have a lot of those left from when my mom had a clothesline. Chickie, you better watch out for those birds, they might poop on the sheets! Thanks, Chooks & CM for stopping in.


Yep, got one right out my window. One of my bird feeders in hanging on it and that bird house the woodpecker is on.


I was wondering what you were referring to, tex. I thought maybe they were the wooden (dolly) pegs but if you're referring to the clothes line - well, that's all I use - summer and winter. Although I do have a clothes dryer, I don't use it very often, only when I really have to. Mine looks exactly like this one, only cream uprights, and twice as long!


Oh, wow, Ringleader, your comment brings back even more memories! GGL, like I said, I'd love to have one now, top. I've never seen one that rolled, Bomber. That would help when you mowed the grass! We had one of these, but not the Tiki either, Trish! Good luck, Bloorox, you'll be sleeping on great smelling linens! Thanks for stopping by.


And don't forget the yellow jacket's nest in the hollow ends.........


Let's see. They were goal posts for games, trapeze bars (when the lines were down), posts for climbing and sometimes the goal post for croquet. Oh, yes, and a nuisance to mow around with a hand, clackety-clack mower.


I love these! As soon as we move from our apartment to a house, I'm going to get one! :) As grannygoatlady says, there's nothing like the smell of clean sheets dried out by wind.


What do you mean "remember"....I still hang out most of my laundry. There's nothing like the smell of clean sheets after a day in the sun and wind.


oh yes. but not the tiki god in the garden!!! tee-heee!