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Landing in a Field With Cows!

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Okay, so the cows left when they saw us coming. But, they were there, I promise!


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See what happens when you are gone? Things go crazy around here! LOL


Wow, Jan! I was only gone for 3 days!


Jim, I am laughing especially hard because that is exactly what we did. The field was NOT the intended landing zone! LOL

Don - do it! Really, I would love to do it again, especially if I could master that fear!

Rosie, while I am afraid of heights, the thing that really was the worst on THIS experience was the bouncing basket. It made me fear we would fall through. Silly, huh? But, the skydiving. Hubby was an Air Force pilot and made over 70 dives. Me - I would do it ONCE and LOVE it. But, there would be permanently imbedded claw marks on the plane. The getting out would be the hardest. Oh yes, and remembering the rubber underwear! LOL
Your areas of ballooning sound so much more beautiful than this experience. Really not much to see.


I loved doing this over the Great Smoky Mountains in southern Virginia and North Carolina. And here in Mn. and Wisc. over the Hudson River Valley in the fall. So much fun!!! Proud of you, Jan for at least trying. Now we have to get you to do a tandem skydive at about 15,000 ft. Best thing ever.


This is like one of JiggyBelle's puzzles - oh, wait, it *is* one of JiggyBelle's puzzles. :-)

Thanks for reminding me to do something about this; it's been on my list for years, and western Mass. has some great places to overfly.


All you need to do to prove your cows were there is walk around a bit. Hopefully you just see the cowpies and don't step in them.


Smart girl, Rebecca!!!


I used to think I'd like to go up, until I saw some very rough landings...


You are my kind of gal, Pat! LOL


I wouldn't have gotten within 100 feet of the darn thing--I don't even like looking out windows in my husband's office, and if I go out on the terrace (it's at least 25 feet from the door to the railing, so it's a big, safe space, not a tiny balcony), I stay right by that door--and it's only on the 5th floor! More power to you! :-)))


I am taking the picture. that is my friend Claire. See the size of the basket you ride in? AND, it moves up and down when you move around. Claire was "running" all over the place while we were in the air and I was holding on for dear life. You can imagine how much fun it would be for someone afraid of heights. And when we were coming down, I was sure we were going to hit a cow or two!

Thanks for your comments Rebecca, Ardy and Katie! LOL


Oh! This looks like fun!


I this your picture, Jan? Or is that you in the picture? The mice in the hay must have heard very interesting conversation that evening. Thanks, Jan, A colorful puzzle.


Wouldn't it have been fun to eavesdrop on the conversation in the barn that evening, LOL!