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Around our Town 2 of 3

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Looking a bit wooden, our Flamingo is studying his new surroundings.


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Lovely to hear Brightie - nothing like family and good friends ! (❀ᴗ❀)


zac 14 and tyler 12


WOW BUB YOU SURE WERE A BUZY BUZZY BEE xx sounds delightful xxx i would have been looking for puzzles and books and necklaces and scarves ☺☺☺ truly sounds like you and hubby had a lovely albeit exhausting day - was rather quiet here in comparison ... did some shopping, looked around the bookstore, went to our kids for lunch - always so cool to see our grandsons of 12 and 12 , came home and our daughter from overseas skyped us as little Raveh _ amost 4 wanted to speak to his granny and papa - was so heartwarming - and little cayden almost 1 is too cute - so had a really good day with all of our grandsons and 2 daughters ♥♥♥♥


Hippity hop, BB,I will and hope it comes out ok. (❀ᴗ❀)


Not nearly as exciting as yours Bub, but yes, it's been a nice day.
Loved your descriptive recap of your busy day, felt like I was there too.
I hope you post a photo of the frog, no pressure.


Brightie - you would have been in 7th heaven. We spent one and a half hours there, the majority of the stalls are the same every year but there was at least 200 hundred vendors there and everything from vintage tools, household etc to kitschy and whimsy, books, giant flea market, church flea markets, fudge, pies, you name it etc.

I bought a pretty little stained glass frog suncatcher, just a simple one with big green eyes, matched it up with a piece of ribbon at home and hubby has hung it over the glass panel in the hall. It has faint pink in it which is picked up by the light from the glass. May take a photo of it.

Then we went home for lunch and after drove to the next town and down to the beach and park. To our surprise they had a big 'arts in the park' event (first time we've ever seen one there) with lots of similar stalls to our town, and good quality arts/crafts. There was a lady there selling fairy accessories and showed me a pic. on her phone of her garden with a 23 ft fairy garden/village !

So we browsed through that lot, the annual sand sculpting event is on near the beach, best in the world and competitors come from around the world to compete each year in the Parksville competition, so the park was packed with visitors there as well.

We then drove home for a few mins. then back into our town and favourite coffee house (you've been in there for coffee/muffins). Stayed for half an hour, everywhere in town was choc a block with visitors. Now we're home, just catching up here and not doing much more today. Markets are on twice a week in our town and just about every other area has them. All hand made stuff, good garden produce and lots of fun. Just up your street.

Started my day at 4.30am out for a long walk at 5.30am and just about managed to pack verything else into the day,
I hope you and BB have had a great day. xxxx (❀ᴗ❀)


Oh my goodness @Bubble - my favourite outdoor past time is going to flea markets and fetes and fairs - sadly they have almost all dwindled in my town ☺☺ i would accompany you in a flash xx of the fun we would have xx ☺☺☺ and i love this gorgeous pink flamingo ♥♥♥


Well then, have a great couple of hours! LOL


BB we probably won't be there more than an hour or two, gets too crowded for me. We'll go somewhere else and by the time its hot and humid, we'll be back home. Hope your weekend is going to be a great one. (❀ᴗ❀)


Have a great day Bub!


Thanks guys - today we have a huge annual fair in town - there will be literally thousands of people coming from all over the Island. Hundreds of vendors, selling all kinds of wares, rummage and auction sales, food vendors, places to eat, the Legion is there as well, entertainers - its a huge draw for the town.
We'll be going there when it starts at 8.30am as it'll get very crowded, very quickly. There's always a huge line up for the famous fruit pies baked by the ladies of one of the churches and they sell a massive amount. (❀ᴗ❀)


Fascinating thank you☺☺


I’m following you, just like a little sister. Sister. :-)


I cannot wait to see those coming next. Thanks Bubble ♥ Haze.


Thanks Haze - I'm not sure who would buy him (but I won't tell him that) (❀ᴗ❀)

Yes, BB its a happy place and we're very happy here (❀ᴗ❀)

Juba, the place is bursting with artisans of all kinds and so is the rest of the Island. Some interesting puzzles coming up next week, watch out for T.O.S.H. (The Old School House). (❀ᴗ❀)


Beautiful flamingo. Thank Bubble. ♥ Haze


What a beauty, just looks at those legs. You live in such a happy place Bub, lucky you.


There are some crafty folks in your town. :-) Thanks Bubble.

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