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Good Morning Thought

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Ank I didn't think you would get..
Celeste they do sound good.


MMmmm Mashed taters n gravy sounds yummie :)


Good morning Sissy and friends. I don't get this fact of today, but tomorrowit will go better. The snow is melting and it's very slippery here. That will also go better tomorrow. Today we take care. I wish you a great day.


Good morning Jan. This one of mine saved this morning and I had to go back and redo the title and everthing.


Having trouble getting my puzzles on. don't know what I am doing wrong.


Good morning Ardy will make a note of it. Will be nice to watch live. Love and Hugs
Good morning Morris this computer has been messing up this morning just got back on. Have a good day at work.


Now you're talkin', Pat!!
Off to work, have a great day!!


Good morning, Pat. Tomorrow night is the first Christmas concert. My school bell choir will be playing and I was told yesterday that it will be live streamed. The program is at 7 p.m. and we are first on the program. Under media Sligo web TV. In case you are looking for something to do. LOL Hugs.


That has happened to me so many times. Yes it is going to take a few did you see the message I left for youon the first one?


Thanks, Pat! Well, I loved the old Jigidi but as I recall it took me some time to get used to it, too. This is a lot to take in on my first cup of coffee! BTW, the battery on my wireless mouse quit while I was trying to make this new Jigidi work. LOL!


I have them all locked up but will send one to you and Sue.


Where do I get my ticket to this gravy train?
Good morning, Pat!