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We're very confused.

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Sally, Cloud and Suzy are back upstairs in the loft of the garage.


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Thanks PJ, I'm hoping to be able to move them outside again very soon.


Goodness, Edie, I am glad you have been able to care for the injured and shocked ones. Yes, wildlife has it's ways..... Again, you do take wonderful photos - and this one shows Sally and Cloud so bewildered - but they will come over the shock,


Thanks Nicky, Gail, Lorna and Brie. I know that they like to be left alone and in the dark so I bother them as little as possible. The heat lamp is red so it doesn't give off a lot of light and he's always under it so I leave it one for him. I just posted some updates under my menagerie profile if anyone wants to check them out.


That is so horrible. I know nature has its ways that are not our ways but it is so painful when a little life you have nurtured is taken or injured. I am sure, with your love and care, BG will recover and Cloud, Sally and Suzy will get over the shock. Our friend was the local 'Bird Lady' for the RSPCA and she told us that a darkened room or, with the little birds we rescued, a dark box was perfect for them to get over the shock so your three are probably much happier in the garage loft for a while.
Good luck and I keep you and your flock in my prayers


I can imagine they are bewildered, but I echo the others - that I'm happy they are safe.


Better they be safe and slightly miserable than sorry and gone.


They do look a bit confused, Edie! But at least they are safe. Cloud looks as big as Suzy now.


Thanks Ardy, Barb and Brie. Yes they are safe but not very happy. Not sure how long I can keep them up there. Yes Brie, the hawk came back yesterday and injured BG seriously. I only saw him the one time when he killed the first chick but he sure looked big enough to have killed the rabbit.


Edie - what happened - I seem to missed out on the tragedies? I hope all are safe. I see BG is injured and the quail looks so sad. What happened with the hawk? Could it have been the same one who took your little rabbit?


They may be confused but I'm awfully glad they're safe. Thanks, Edie. :-)


Just be thankful you are safe. You did see the hawk, didn't you? Sleep well. Thanks, Edie.