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36 pieces
169 solves
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Thank you Mary I'm glad you had fun and time can vary depending on which PC you use. Sometimes I admire how solvers with laptop can solve a puzzle, I couldn't. I have made the experience that many men I'm not interested in contact me if I mention the country (this happened on on other forums out of jigidi)


Wow! Loved it and did it in only 3:43. Great puzzle and fun solve! Thanks, Advia (whom I now know lives in a country her friends aren't allowed to say the name of - don't worry, they won't give you away but I'll bet it's a great place for you or you wouldn't be there). Love your puzzles!


Thank you Wendy and Kirsten for your nice description and feedback.


Somehow it managed to look tiled AND velvety, all at the same time! How did you manage that, Advia? However you did it, it was spectacular. Thanks so much. :)))


This looks ultra cool in the thumbnail! Fancy that. :-)