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Rolling 'Round

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My arms aren't particularly flabby, because they, and my legs, are disproportionately skinny, given my weight, which collects in the belly. But even if they eventually get droopy and crepey, I'll stick with the short sleeves--comfort over vanity! :-)))


Good to hear. That can be a trying time. Several in my community in the 70's were not as lucky.

Funny about the sleeve length. For some time now I have not like short sleeves. I have a friend, who when I was subbing in the 1980's said I would be all set for old age, since older women often wear longer sleeves to hide the flabby underarm. ; ) Mine weren't flabby in the 80's, but I can't vouch for that now.

Oh, and I should clarify, the multi-layers are my cold weather gear. In the summer I sometimes put a light sweatshirt over my top, instead of an over blouse. I am not comfortable even at 70 degrees with bare arms. ; )


The biopsy (my second on the same side--the first was in the mid 1990's) was negative, fortunately. Thanks for asking.

When I wrote that about the temperature, I should have clarified that at night, in the winter, we don't crank the heat up, so it is usually about 65 degrees, which is fine. But I'm comfortable at 70 as well, so in the summer we don't set the air conditioner lower. But I hate wearing long sleeves--I wear short sleeves all year long, and if I put on a sweater or long-sleeved shirt, I immediately push it up above my elbows. That's one reason I like the house at 70 during the day in the winter.


Fun. Thank you, bunches, PD. Great color in this.

I started this last evening and had to give up at the 97% point. I was too sleepy to finish.

My time - 1:58:12 ; )

As to temps, we may even out the fossil fuel situation. ; ) I am most comfortable at 65* in the house in the winter and unfortunately don't try to keep it at 65* in the summer but it is what I would be more comfortable with. I have to dress in layers, long underwear, wool socks, fleece lined sweatshirts over turtlenecks with a tank top below that, but I need the air colder to breathe comfortably. We do dial down to 65* at night (after 10 pm) in the summer, and use blankets. : ) lol

Did all go well with the biopsy? I had that in the early to mid-70's.


I like the house at 70 degrees winter and summer, which means I'm depleting the Earth's limited supply of fossil fuels single-handedly, I guess. BAD Pat......!

I remember hot flashes--I'm very glad I'm too old for those now! :-)))


I just heard how hot your temperatures are these days. No wonder you are wilting - that's unbearable....


I know what you mean about the heat - if you have to be out and about, it wears on you. I try to keep the thermostat at 24 or 25 (75/77) unless I'm doing a lot of housework as I don't like to be too cool. But then I'm also having hot flashes, so that's frustrating all by itself - no matter what the weather is !

Good luck with the biopsy - I believe that's a hospital visit. Hopefully it's nothing serious :)))))


Thanks, whatnauts! I haven't been on Jigidi much, again--didn't even solve my own (or anyone else's) puzzles yesterday. The ones I posted were ones I had set up in the queue at some point, since I was only on the iPad, and I had to dig deep for some of them.....

I had a mammo on Friday, and they called me Monday to come in yesterday for more pics. Then they wanted an ultrasound. Turns out they want to do a biopsy. I had one before on the same (left) side, for the same thing (calcifications) back in the 1990's, and it was benign, so I have my fingers crossed. Then I spent the afternoon with Timmy. But it's also the heat that's been getting to me, even with the a/c. Just dragged out and sleepy and nauseous. Same old same old, right?! :-(((


This is great, PD. I started it last night, but couldn't quite finish. (55:51)