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Nora Batty's Steps, Holmfirth, Yorkshire. Photo by David Dixon

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Holmfirth is probably best-known from its association with the BBC's longest running comedy series 'The Last of the Summer Wine' which was broadcast from 1973 to 2010. The external scenes for the show were filmed in Holmfirth and its surrounding area and each year, tourists visit the area to see the locations associated with the show.

These steps arise from the arrangement of 'over and under' dwellings and, unusually, access to both dwellings is on the same side of the building. The steps lead to the fictional homes of 'Compo Simmonite' (Played by actor Bill Owen) and 'Wally and Nora Batty' (Played by Joe Gladwin and Kathy Staff). In real life they are a holiday cottage and an exhibition about the series. The steps featured regularly in the series; usually with Nora on the upper level using a broom to repel the advances of Compo, on the lower level.

Fans of the show will understand why the tea rooms have been named 'the Wrinkled Stocking'.

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I love Fawlty Towers and Dad's Army. I remember the Good Life, To The Manor Born, Are You Being Served, Ever Decreasing Circles and Hi De Hi. I don't like modern comedy so much but I did like My Family. You can sometimes find them on Radio 4xtra which I listen to when doing puzzles. It's good to laugh...Sue


It was very funny, almost as good as Dad's Army which in my opinion was the best British comedy ever. I still laugh at it even though I have seen it lots of times and I don't actually like comedy programmes. I like Fawlty towers too


I wondered if you had seen this show Joyce. My favourite character was the fella with the glasses that walked into everyone and everything also the wonderful Yorkshire scenery. It's still being shown on TV now and will never lose its appeal. Thanks...Sue


I only got to see a couple episodes and I thought that show was great, like this puzzle!!! Thanks Sue!!! :))))
(time, 10:28)


I can remember Nora Batty with her wrinkled stockings sweeping those steps and Compo admiring her from afar. Thanks adict and 48

Thank you. I really enjoyed these series of programmes


Another wonderful old brick building, with quite the interesting history. Thanks again Sue!


A great British comedy. Thanks tails and Tomato...Sue

Agree. Great series.

Thanks David and Sue - this brought back happy memories of the Last of the Summer Wine!