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  1. CodyDog25:33
  2. janusz195044:47
  3. pcshortcake57:39
  4. Riek14757:48
  5. ralandpat59:19
  6. abekling1:00:17
  7. morgans121:09:51
  8. LyndaTraylor11:14:01
  9. ssb00a1:17:30
  10. laurak3331:18:14


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Thank you for your comments :) His breed is called "Eurasier". It's a combination between Chow Chow, Samojede and Wolfspitz ;) And yes he stands very proud on this tree trunks ^^


Thank-you Frollein Caramel for the gorgeous puzzle.


Wow PutterDutt your babies are truly a gorgeous breed. Love the way this puzzle dog stands so proud also. My little girl is a Japanese Spitz turning 5 next week. They are not very common here but my son was in USA recently and said they are quite popular there.


A Keeshond, or German Spitz!!! I have 3. You can see 1 of mine at: These are wonderful dogs, aren't they?? :o)