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Nearly Rainbow Tiles

121 pieces
209 solves
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Thank you so much Janine, it's really lovely to know you love my puzzles... you've set my day of excellently and I'm smiling despite the ungodly hour!!

Absolutely love this the design and the colors.....
I love your puzzles, so thank you Mandy, Janine.


I'm smiling broadly kthrow - I'm so happy to hear you ended up loving this in the end... and for letting me know, thanks so much :~)


Agree with roadworn, I had such a hard time with 'naughty' ... then I went from loving this, to hating it and ended up loving it in the end ... it was FUN!!! Thanks for the intrique!


Yes, I made this one much easier after the "naughty" one roadworn!! I'm glad you had fun, and thank you for telling me :~)


Nice to see that you've stayed on the board tootierasmussen, and thank you for letting me know you loved solving this... even if it ws deceptively easy, but tricky!!


This was easier than the similar "naughty" one. The difference in cut really changed the difficulty. It is another fun puzzle. Thanks for posting your creations.


This was an interesting puzzle. Deceptively easy, but tricky. I loved it. The pieces seemed to "fall into place".