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along US 131 North, MI

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You did a very good job with the story. I understand it very well. Thank you, Schutkleur.

I am intrigued with stories that have come about to explain what was once unexplainable to early societies. Native Americans, known as American Indians have many stories, or legends, to explain some of the things which were unknown to them. I know I have heard some but I wasn't having any come to mind. I did a quick search and found this site which is supposed to have over 1,000 legends or stories. ; ) I just scrolled through it and read some of the titles. ; )


I will try to tell the story as well as I can, in English.
There once was a man who sold his soul to the devil.But by the time the devil came to collect, the man had changed his mind. The devil was not happy about that ofcourse. They argued and finally struck a deal : the man could hold on to his soul untill all the leaves had fallen from the trees.
This man might not have been a very good person, but he loved his trees and always cared for them very well.
One day he was sitting under his trees and was very sad. The trees asked what was wrong and the man told them about his promise to the devil. The trees felt for him very much and decided to help him. All the oaktrees promised to hold on to their leaves untill the new leaves would grow again. So from then on there never would be a time that ALL the leaves had fallen.
When the devil came again and saw this he was furious and out of spite and anger sunk his teeth into the oak leaves. That is how the oak leaves got their lobed shape (due to the devil`s teeth) and why oakes keep their leaves during wintertime.
I`m afraid I did not tell it very well but hope you get the gist of it anyway:)


Thank you, Jacques, I appreciate your comment.

Schutkleur, I would like to hear the story of the oaks hanging on to their leaves. ; )

I also left you a link to another puzzle on my "canvas" puzzle.


Beautiful Rose


Yes, our oaks keep some of there leaves through winter as well. We have a story about how that came to be.


Yes, and I so like the fall leaves with evergreens. The evergreens will be a constant with the bare branches. Our oak trees hold their leaves long into the winter so the snow is pretty on the rusty or deep red oak leaves, especially when mixed in with evergreens. Thank you, Schutkleur. ; )


I`m afraid they might well be bare by now, Roseheather. But bare trees can be pretty, too:-))


Taken out the side window of the vehicle almost two weeks ago. I wonder if the autumn leaves of gold are still there or have blown away in the recent wind gusts.