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Thank You For My Star!.........

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This starry-picture-thingy-in-a-blurple-frame is for the dear friend that sought fit to adorn my humble persona with a brand new star, after my last one was purloined........
I am truly grateful for such a kind gesture from this person whom I know, but shall remain anonymous here........Thank you again!.....


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maybe it was Mr P Squirt


pd-thingy..........'twas Abel Magwitch, in disguise.............
(As for certain comments......'male strippers' tsk, tsk.........)


Ah, now THAT is truly a star of stars, Lela! Lovely and twinkly and serene, with a bright burst of Bugosi sunshine at its center--what a thoughtful creation! I'm so glad you have your star back--although you would shine as brightly even without it! Thanks to whoever returned the star to its rightful owner! :-)))


a Full Monty chorus line of Lela, Robbie and KBoy wearing tap shoes with big bows, they can hold their hats in front, there's a picture to juggle with. Then churchLady can do the Blind Date bit and we can all sit back and enjoy.


Oh no M'sieur Bugosi - please do not misunderstand me, the LAST thing I want is ANOTHER male stripper - one trainee is quite enough, I was merely reflecting on a close and lucky! ;)


thousands-of-cakes....thank you for your sympathy.....
As for you, pretty-vixen.........If I were to have appeared here shorn of all my dignity, you would never have got to see it, as I would have been promptly reported and deleted......I might, in fact I will, just add that I am here for your education, and not your TITILLATION!..........(?) Indeed(!).........


Since M'sieur Bugosi "felt almost naked without.." his star - just think - we were THAT close to seeing his metamorphosis into a new career as a male (?) stripper!?!

M'sieur Bugosi retains his twinkly status, but has the world lost a new talent? The mind just cannot fathom such a mystery..


Great puzzle!!! Thank you anonymous friend of Lela for getting his star back where it belongs ... wish I could have done the same. Thanks Lela with star again!!! :))))
(time, 0:49)




Hannon le, mellon, David-many-numbers!.......(thank you, my friend)........


Lovely !


David it's SO beautiful, Lothlorien is close, just on the other side!!


Elen sila lumenn omentielvo, mellon nin! May a star shine upon the hour of our meeting, my friend!

Three cheers for a clothed leader...huzzah huzzah huzzah!


Eggsactly, fact, ipso facto, the upper end of the left side (which we call "The upper end of the left side" for clarity and clearness), will be able to admire my starry presence admirably - especially the Admiral who lives at no.32b, (and is also, as well admired by nearly all)..........


OOOOO!! Shine Bright Like A Diamond! Lela is back on his throne for all the world to admire, or at least most of the world or some of it or the parts that are from BongaBonga on the left side of the city of course.


Thanks, number-six-at-the-racetrack and Bubba-the-beachcomber.......Of course I am but the figurehead - if I twinkle, then Bonga-Bonga twinkles even more......


It is good to see you twinkle again ;)


What a beautiful tribute Lela, you are shining brightly again.


Hee-Hee.....Thank you all!.......


Hooray for the star-bringer!!!!!


All is right with the universe again! I missed that gold....I mean red star! :D
Congrats to your benefactor/ess!


Whew! Surely wouldn't have wanted to have an ALMOST naked Lela for very long!


precious-pebble....I was left with just my raincoat....the one with the holes in it......
Yes, was-shining........a world-leader must have the necessary adornments - if he is to be taken at all seriously.......


so glad you have a new star, doesn't seem right when our shining leader doesn't have one


Was that with or without a raincoat?


Thank you both........I felt ALMOST naked without it....Hee-Hee!......


All's well again Lela.


Your starry-picture-thingy is a right nice tribute to your benefactor. Very lovely of you to post it Lela!