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Remember This?

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I still have the one that belonged to my Mom!


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Tex, I can't believe you answered so quickly such an old post!!! You sure manage your site. Actually, think it was David of the numbers who mentioned that there is a way to check for recent comments.


I know. I still have that bag full of clothespins, but no clothesline to use! I miss those sweet days gone by! Thanks, Mariolyn, good to see you again.


Sweet memory of fresh smells and sunshine.


Thank you, RebaBe and Dondi. Glad you enjoyed the puzzle.


I remember making rubber band guns, but I don't remember exactly how. Seems to me you had to take one side off, reverse it, and mount it back in the spring a different way.


Mum used spring clips. Walmart has 'em made from bamboo + plastic. Wish they made 'em in red, white'n'blue! After WWII we moved to London from the English countryside, into a West Kensington semi-detached where laundry was done inside with machines - wow! When Coal was still king. 50yrs later in the Pacific NW rainforest can only hang 'em out during rare sunny & dry spells. Thanx for the memories ;-o (0:27)


RGB, what a great idea! Very creative. Thank you for sharing.
Annie, I so wish I had a clothesline, I love that fresh air smell, especially on sheets. And I never liked those push on pins either, neither did my Mom, because we didn't have any.

I used to take cute toddler dresses and sew across the bottom, add a hanger and voila!! The cutest little clothespin bags you ever saw!!


Plumpy, check out e-Bay, Amazon, etc. They're all over the internet. Just Google (or whatever) "where to buy clothespin bags" and you'll find lots of places. I don't know about local stores. Maybe places like Dollar General, etc. Good luck................
Tex, oh yes. I remember. I still hang my laundry, only in my open garage. I don't need a bag, though. I just leave the pins on the line. I never liked the old fashioned push on pins. Always used the spring type.............


Thanks, Celeste, Warbler & Plump! I can't see how you'd use them for rubber bands, Warbler! That's a trick I might want to remember.


Our local grocery chain has wooden spring-type clothes pins. The solid wood ones might be a bit harder to find. And I wish I could find a clothes pin bag!


I remember my mom having ones with springs and ones without-straight ones. The ones with springs made good rubber band guns.


Mine is plaid and falling apart. I use it as often as I can.
Love this ..:)


Thanks, LJ, that would be nice. I was told not long ago from someone here on Jigidi that you can't buhy wooden clothespins anymore. Well guess what? Walmart has them! So if anyone's interested. I still use Mom's to hang skirts/slacks on hangers. Thank you, Lyndee, GNT, Chickie, Janine, Fodus, Ank & LJ, I'm glad to hear from all of you.


I have a clothes pin bag I bought in Zimbabwe and several colors of crocodile clips I bought in South Africa. Since I don't hang clothes out here in the US, I use them mainly to keep plastic food bags closed. I will post a pic of them for you, tex.


Nice, and special yours, I also still have a few things from my mother. Just simple things she used. loved it.


In the summer and fall I hang our clothes out and on other nice days, few and far between.

I still hang some clothes on the line...when I have the time....but I remember these clothes-pin bags....when I was very young, we hung in the winter too. The cloths were "stiff as boards". Then
we had to make room on the Now I just hang my clothes on need to iron either. The linens go in the dryer....Thanks for the old memories.....Janine


I remember.


LOL good ole days


Yep....I may still have mine from when I used to hang clothes on the line.