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Square Borders (Smaller)

49 pieces
190 solves
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Thanks, Mandy--it was an attempt to make a borders puzzle that wasn't exactly a borders puzzle, just like my swirls that aren't quite swirls! I like your interpretation--I bet it would be an interesting building to work/live in!


Pat, this is wonderful, its like looking down at the architectural plans for a multiple level building!! Thankyou :~)


I did see your comment right after you posted it, Ardy, but had to leave for an appointment--haven't even solved any of my puzzles, or others, yet--so I did see what you described. I think TPTB have programs that record the number of solves--that's how they decide which puzzles to "houseclean" eventually, and also, I would imagine, how they can prove to advertisers that it's worth whatever is charged to appear on the site--so I feel that they're aware of just how popular a site they created! Thanks so much--have a good day, too--we're getting lots of snow right now... :-(((


Pat, I find it interesting to see, for example, that there have been 53 solves on this puzzle but only 8 on the leader board which tells me there are many people on this site that are not signed in. Wonder if TPTB have any way of knowing how many people they are giving enjoyment to day after day. Thank you for another fun puzzle. Have a good day.