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Flower Trellis

64 pieces
119 solves
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Original Title: Green Flower Patch


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I like it too, whatnauts, and changed the title accordingly. :-)


I like monza's idea of the flower trellis. Lovely flowers, Wendy.


You're very welcome, Mandy. :-)


These flowers look as though they are growing up a lovely trellis, I can just imagine walking down a trellis lined path in your beautiful garden, thanks Wendy :~)


Thank you so much, Janine. I rather like it myself too. :-)

WOW....beautiful flowers Wendy....thank you for such a lovely puzzle, Janine


Mariasha, that's exactly right. And you're still number one at the moment. :-)

Magda, these flowers are already abloom. All the flowers I post from my garden last throughout the year and don't require sunshine or water.


Are they flowers ready to bloom, when the snow has melted? How nice. We have had 3 days of sunshine. Very cold, but beautiful white sunny, snowy----far away on the mountains. For me, that is where it belongs.
Thanks for the lovely puzzle Wendy.

Clearly the way to be first on the board, is to be first to solve...giggle. thanks...I REALLY liked this one.