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The Colours of Nature's Comeback :)) I

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That is the dream of my life, to move back to the countryside, but I can't see it happen. Here in Spain work can only be found in the big cities or at the coast. I suppose rain and snow are not the best things to make countrylife very pleasant in winter, but think of spring, summer and autumn. :))


Dagmar - I love the collection. So wonderful. Now I've moved back to the countryside - and I do enjoy it. Well - looking at images is a good way of remembering the nice sides of 'country' living.


As you know the nature photos are something I like very much, having grown up in the countryside and spent most of my freetime in the meadows and woods around the village, now - living in a big city - I always yearn for the feeling of nature all around me that I had then, and it doesn't seem to matter how long ago it was.


Love your combo photo/swirl collages Dagmar. Even more special because they are your own photos. Thanks so much. :))))


Thanks for so much praise, I admit that I like these nature photos, the same as I love nature. When I go for a walk I always take the camera because I every time I find something beautiful that I would like to remember or simply have an image of it, and having taken so many photos yourself I'm sure you know this feeling. :))

Sorry about the puzzle, being in a hurry never is a good thing. I'll go back now to answer it. :))


I'm glad you enjoyed solving the puzzle Gail and you liked the photos and kaleidos of my recycled nature squares.
Thanks for dropping by and leaving this lovely comment. :))


Dagmar, these could have been 16 days worth of puzzles. Each of these deserves its own place in the spotlight. Those cloud formations are fabulous. I always love looking through your swirly frames at the almost hidden flowers Thank you. A beautiful start of a day.

You missed me on yesterday's smallest puzzle. I'm not looking for a response but want you to know I was there and enjoyed being there.


Dagmar, these are absolutely wonderful. I love the swirls, and your 4x4x4 setup. I could look at this puzzle for hours. Thanks. You're so creative and so welcome on Jigidi.