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Today, one year ago, I posted my first puzzle. This one.

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The title was "My French friend".
This is the dog of my old neighbours, they moved to France. If you want to see where he lives now, you can visit there website.
It's a beautiful site.


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Hallo Jana. Pdevredis, ihr name ist Pat, sah Ihre Rätsel, und schrieb über Du. Wir haben versucht, Ihnen zu sagen, was schief gelaufen. Und glücklicherweise endlich tat es. Sie sehen, wie viele neue Freunde, die Sie jetzt haben. Ich freue mich hierfür. Zum Glück haben Sie Jigidi entdecken und habe Ich ein neue Freundin. Jana Ich kann Deutch sprechen aber nicht schreiben. Also ich benutze Google übersetzen. Aber das übersetzt sagt immer Sie und nicht Du. So lesen Sie aber DU, wenn ich Sie schreiben. lol


Hi Monica, love that story, maybe they were really. lol. But I think it was not easy for you. Just used to a place, the school, the friends and then moving again. I think you and Gary will stay ere you are.


Ank I agree with you, I never thought that I put so much interesting puzzle and I meet so many interesting people. One, I do not know when it was, someone sent me a puzzle of the wedding William and Catte increase England, I somehow got into puzzles, at first I was not even registered, then my daughter registered me as Janazlouky and then I made ??a wrong turn, Pdevredis wrote how to do it well, and since I'm having fun and it does me good, that people like my puzzle and are happy about it, thank you to anyone, who invents jigidi.


Oh, so sorry! Sometimes I forget to read the description! I don't remember Nevada ever having any flower parades, and I've lived here for most of my life! When I was a child we moved a whole lot! Never staying in one place for more than 1 year at a time! My parents got bored real easily, I guess, at least that's what they used to tell us kids when we were young! I used to tell all of my friends that my parents were spy's and that that was the reason we were always moving away! L.O.L. I went to a few flower parades in some of the places that we lived but don't remember where they were at! Too few and too long ago to remember very much of it!


Hi Monica, read the description and you see that she is not mine. I just went to your page and saw that you are Gary's wife. And that you live in Nevada. Do they also have flower parades or did you live somewhere else before?


HAPPY JIGIDI ANNIVERSARY Ank!!! What a beautiful dog, is he yours? Wow, one whole year! I don't know if I even remember which pic was the first that I posted! Your memory is much better than mine! I'll have to look back and see what photo I posted first, and I am hoping it was a nice one like yours was! L.O.L.


Thanks Maryrob, Cathy, Suzy, Ann and Trudy. Jigidi is one of the good things in my life. It brought me friends all over the world. Never knew that virtual friendships can be so wonderful. I'm real glad I did meet you all. Thanks friends for the beautiful time we had and will have. I love you. Hugs


And I'm so glad I found you, too. I haven't been as active as you, but even if I don't comment every day, I do look for your puzzles and feel a connection between us. Thanks for being here.


Congratulations, Ank! So glad you stuck with us crazy people for a whole year. Great photo, too. Mine was rather weird. Wish it had been as good as yours....................


A nice start to your puzzle posting, ank. So glad that you have been part of jigidi for a year. Happy anniversary to you! You have done much to make us smile, laugh, and learn about your beautiful country.


Your first puzzle was wonderful !! What a great idea to post it again one year later! Thank you Ank for these two puzzles and all the others in between! I have learned a lot about the Netherlands because of you. And even more important, you are now my friend ! Happy jigidi Anniversary!!!!


What a beautiful puzzle for you to begin with,so glad to meet you.I have been here less than a year and I too really enjoy it and treasure my friends.Thank you Ank.


Thanks Hanne Patti Elina Pat and Faye. I remember that I thought, I gonna try to make a puzzle. And I was proud that I made it. Funny, now it's such a normal part of my life. And I thank you friends for visiting my puzzles and for being good friends. I'm so very happy with you. Take my hugs girls.



You posted nice puzzles when you started too, Ank. :)


GEFELICITEERD en nog heel veel puzzel plezier toegewenst!
Ik hoop nog vele door jou ingestuurde foto hier te zien.
Groetjes & knuffffffffffff.


Darling, much like Micky!


It's a fine debut Ank!! Thanks so very much!!


And friends I forget. Thanks to Jigidi. Remember they have Birthday next week. Jan.27.
If you send Stefan and Magnus a puzzle, please post it as Theme.


Thanks Sissy, Jo, Sandy, Jan, Denise, Pat and Mimi. Yes girls I'm glad I found Jigidi, I'm glad I found you. It's amazing that such fine friendships are formed between people from all over the world. Indeed Jan, you found your ancestors. Pat, nice that you remember this photo. Yes Mimi, I'm very glad to have you and the others as my dear friends. Catch my hugs friends, love you.


Happy anniversary Ank. Isn't Jigidi great, bringing us all together and forming real friendships? I'm happy to have you as a dear friend!


I remember this, Ank! Congratulations--I know you're glad you found Jigidi, and Jigidi is very glad we found you! :-)))


Lovely dog Ank, he looks big:-) Thanks


Oh what a cute dog.


Glad you joined Jigidi friends, I would never have thought of finding my ancestors in NL let alone finding a distance relative there without you. Funny how things work out.


Happy first year jigidi anniversary Ank! And what an adorable image of your French friend.


Happy 1 year anniversary!! Soo glad you made that first one!! You have shown us so much about your country, I have enjoyed the tours! Thankyou!! Jo :)


How cute thanks ...


Hi Ardy, we crossed. I'm member since Jan.14 2012 and I think I heard the first time about Jigidi since about Jan 10. Glad we found out, isn't it?


Thanks Lorna and Shirley. No this is not a small Poodle. It's a Barbet (French waterdog). High 60-65 cm (24-25 inch), so a rather big dog. She was too big for Micky to play together. Micky is only 26 cm (10.2 inch).
The day I posted my first puzzle I had never thought that I would do so much with Jigidi.


Nice picture Ank. A year ago I didn't know Jigidi existed. Congratulations on your first Jigidi posting anniversary


" Congratulations" Ank, well done. love this little poodle too.


Lovely dog. Was he one of Micky's friends?


Thanks Jana. I look to the video later, now I gonna shovel the snow.


Thank you Ank, a beatiful photo, I send you a bit of winter,mayby it will go, heve a nice day:-)),12,Snímek 12


Hi treker, that's nice. I did not think any one should remember it. But you did. Thanks.


And you know what? I remember this photo of this dear dog. Almost hard to believe.