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Gems & More! (medium)

81 pieces
142 solves
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You are so welcome! Glad to see you enjoyed this one, Kirsten. The colors were my favorite part!


Finally catching up on this utter beauty Jan. Look at those colours and patterns!! Divine. And the clarity! They nearly popped right outta my screen! Thanks so much. I love it. :)))


Mariasha - have you been making brownies again? Love your comments! Thanks so much!

Oooo...these are "purty", but they started pulsing after I had finished and was staring at them to see if I could pick a fave...guess I'd better lay off the


Barb - Do NOT think I am punishing you with toughies because I hardly ever reach the leaderboard on YOUR puzzles. That would not be true. But, it does make you think, doesn't it! LOL!!
Seriously, I am so glad you enjoyed this one. And the center one is my favorite, too.

Hanne - I am so happy that you like them. You make me smile with your comments......especially about Elvis' hair! Thank you!


Do like..... - ALL of them so very, very much! So different and yet so familiar!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Another toughie for me, Jan, but simply gorgeous! Hard to pick a favourite but that one in the middle is awfully pretty. :-) Thanks.


Ardy, I see them jostling and squirming to get to be the one you take home. I sure hope they don't get broken! lol I'm glad you enjoyed them. They do have a lot of pink, blue, purple and blurple, don't they! Thanks so much!


Jan, these are gorgeous. I already told them I can't possibly have a favorite of these. They will have to draw straws to see who goes first in line today. Not an easy puzzle to solve with lots of similar colors - like yesterday - but oh, such a delightful time. Thank you, dear friend.