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More Construction !

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at English Bay, Vancouver


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Hi Jacques. This side is a bit wild but the rest is quite tidy.


many stones on the beach


Hi Ank. Thanks for your note. So, you don't like fireworks. That's interesting! I have only gone over there to see them once because I don't like crowds. But I often watch them in the distance from comfortable places in North or West Vancouver.


Sorry Lorna, for me it sounds awful. But that is a matter of taste. For me it sounds as air pollution, noise, waste capital. I see only one advantage, it looks nice. You are right when you think I don't like it. But I like the photo. Thanks dear.


That sounds fabulous!


They are all apartments and yes, they have special views!! And four times during the summer they have a huge display of fireworks ( synchronized to music) at English Bay ... The Symphony of Fire. Lots of people who live there have fireworks parties. The fireworks are all launched from a barge in the bay. And people go out in their boats to get a good view also.


If it is apartments being built, some future residents will get a pretty special view!


Thank you Jim. I realize that rural areas are decreasing but aren't the cities growing?


Thanks, Cathy.
It seems so odd that so many houses are vacant in this country but apartments are still being build to the north of us!