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Spring Blizzard in Litchfield, IL

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We have gotten about 10 inches of snow just since this morning.


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You got a real dumping from this one! Hope you're all shoveled out and that your trees survived the heavy snow.


Correction...the news said that we received 16 inches!!


We got about 14 inches, morris.

We are going to fire our current groundhog, Gene.


Well don't wish nothing bad at ya but am glad u r getting it not me LOL I think you got the wrong ground-hog or the one ya got looked in the looking glass ROFL


I think that it would have been fun!
So how many feet did you get?


Robyn, cold it definitely was!


That sure is pretty looking Laura - but just a BIT too cold for me!!


We would have had lots of FUN!!!


That figures, laura!
That would have been interesting. I think that we would have made the best of it though, lyndee!


Ha Ha Laura, we would have gotten to know each other quite well wouldn't we? Maybe more than we would want! Tee hee.


But I am off on Mondays anyway, morris! :o)


YAAY!!! Snow day for Laura, tomorrow!


That would have been something if we all got stranded at the gathering! We have 12 1/2 inches and it's still coming down.


You have got to be crazy LJ I could have been there for a month without food or water. Lucky I managed to make it out of that snow zone alive.


Aww, thank you mountain! How sweet of you to say that.


Thank-you for psting the photo ,it is beautiful and it should be made into a Christnas card . Thanks for sharing


Yes, the system is just stuck over us! They say that is just rotating and not moving.

Thanks morris, roseheather, grandmalucy, Pat and Lorna.

Lorna, I guess I love the snow! What can I say? :o)


It is lovely to look at, but afraid I don't understand why you are happy to have that amount of snow Laura!


Looks so pretty ...They say it is headed my way. thanks for posting Laura


Snow makes everything look pure but it is a big hassle if you have to travel in it. i am glad you made it home safe.... hope you don't get too much more. lucy


Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.


You already have 10 inches!
It looks like it is just hanging over you. It does not seem to be moving.


Oh Patti...I bet you are glad that you are not getting hammered like we are. But I am happy about this snow. We were long overdue!

Two feet? I thought it said 10 - 12 inches. Yikes!!


You could end up with 2 feet of snow, from what I am seeing on the radar.


(Nothing up here but a few flurries.)


No, chickie, I stayed at church till almost everyone left. Then I drove home with almost zero visibility in the middle of the blizzard...which was totally cool. The tree-lined streets looked gorgeous...all lacy and laden with snow. The plows hadn't been trough yet so the streets were a winter wonderland.

I agree, Lyndee, it is good it wasn't last weekend! Too bad you are only getting a flurry.

Patti...anything up by you yet?

Morris, the snow is very heavy. I made a great snowball but didn't have anyone to throw it at. Shoot. It is still coming down like crazy. The excitment is mounting!!

Aww...thanks, Nana. I can't believe we finally got a significant snow storm. We have waiting our turn for a long time!


Gorgeous!!! This photo could be on a Christmas card! :)


Beautiful!!! We would have been snowed in, lyndee!
Looks very heavy, laura!!
I am looking at the radar, you could get another 10" before it is over!
Not 1 flake here, well besides me of course!!


P.S. Glad it was this Sunday and not last Sunday!!!!!! :)


This is beautiful! Even though I've had enough snow for the season, it's still gorgeous!


That is beautiful Laura.......and even better that it is there and not here! ha ha. So far we only had a flurry. Bu,t can't deny it...... it's gorgeous!


Isn't it pretty! Did you get to go home early?