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Sunday's Flower

36 pieces
178 solves
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Chikkee, what a wonderfully nice thing to say! Thank you very much. :-)

Katie, I especially like the colors as well. I ended up changing a few and it was all for the best. :-)

Mary, I'm so glad that you are able to do the Sunday Flower Dance. It's Sunday so there's not a more appropriate time to do it than today. LOL


Oh, the Sunday Flower Dance! So delicate as we savor the day! 3:42 Lovely mix of colors! Thanks, Wendy!


Hi Wendy, beautiful colors in this one!

Wendy, I've missed you....


PJ, it is rather nice. ;-)
I suppose both you and Ardy haven't seen this puzzle yet:

Ardy, I don't see the red I'll look later on (in my folder). I'm so glad you love this one....and I can see that I'm going to have to make another sampler with more like this one. I don't think I put any like this in the other one I posted today- check out the link I just posted.


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this. With baby red foxes at the center table and the adult red foxes watching from a little behind them. Thank you for growing this one.


Goodness - Wendy, this is too lovely by far. It's so tenderly beautiful, detailed and colorful. Great.