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Petrified forest-Blue Mesa Area

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I was surprised to find Petrified Forest National Park not only had "tons" of classic petrified wood but also areas like Blue Mesa, a beautiful large area caused by eons of erosion. There were trails down through it.


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Really pretty with the subtle tans and greys and browns. Nice find!


I remember reading at the park station, in the late 1800's they came here to the petrified forest, dug up the logs, hauled them away and ground them up and made the powder into sandpaper or grindstones, because the quartz was so hard. Thats when the Government stepped in and made it a National park for protection.


This is the result when you over cut the forest. This is the same as the Sahara forest which is all gone for the same reason.


brutal landscape!

The 'trees' are millions of years old. Once a good size forest - now pertrified logs!


Actually, I'm trying, joan but I can't picture seeing a LIVE tree anywhere in the park for sure. But they sure have some whoppers that are petrified. Some chunks over 25' long and 3' thick.


I don't see no trees.... how is it a "forest"?