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Multiple Personality Day is an opportunity to get in touch with yourselves. To a certain extent, each of us possess various personalities without crossing the line into psychological disorder. If we reflect on our personality we will likely see the many facets that make us who we are.

You may find personality traits you love and others you're not so crazy about. With self-awareness you are better able to understand why you feel what you feel and how and why you react the way you do to various emotional situations.

Don't be surprised to find yourself surrounded by people who are talking to themselves today. You might find yourself talking to yourself, too! When you wish someone "Happy Multiple Personality Day", you may need to do so multiple times, once for each personality.

In all seriousness Multiple Personality Disorder is a severe condition that is difficult to diagnose, and was renamed in 1994 to Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Thanks to for sharing this information.


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Mandy - now you know why I stick to the small puzzles. Working full time does limit Jigidi-time, and my backlog just grew..... :-)
You're a fast solver and can get a lot more puzzles done than I can, - and you'll get used to the rhytmn of solving when possible :-)


PJ - don't worry if you miss a day - I am missing lots of days because of work, and my bookmarks are growing... I hope to catch up over the weekend, but I may not!! In my opinion travelling across continents and cultures is the best way to learn... and I always enjoy it!


Oh Mandy - sorry to have missed this one yesterday. The puzzle is fun with very nice and appropriate images. The comments are more than great - and our new Personality_Disorder, oh dear, dear. I guess I can relate to Oldipumpkin, having lived on three continents, in several cultures and spoken several languages and dialects. Yes, multiple heritage is both a gift and a great challenge.


Nice to see you again sweetlittleoldgranny... I hope you enjoyed your stroll and that the flowers smelled lovely... although you've taken less time than another member of your family who is currently clinging to the board :~)


The pd-everready family are very fast......Of course we Bugosis like to stroll along and smell the flowers.......


Goodness gracious and golly gosh!!! Pat I'm such a numpty... I didn't notice a third one of you on the board!! I hope you do throw yourselves a party for achieving First, Third and Fifth places!! LOL!!


Thanks catty987 - we hear where you are coming from loud and clear, and thank you for your support. We're in the UK, so evening time now :~)


Well, all 3 of me made it on the board, and we're very happy--we may just throw a party for ourselves to celebrate! LOL! We will definitely mark this on our calendars--thanks, Mandy! :-) :-)) :-)))

good puzzle!!... and in u i see a fun person with a serious sharing caring side. Those of us who wonder what makes us tick enjoy reading and saying Wowser!! i agree..
just read all of the comments, giggle...bunch of wacko's... and i meant that in the very nicest way... giggle... teehheee... Good Morning from Texas...


Thanks whatnauts, the comments really did come out on this one... I wonder who will visit again?? LOL!!


Wowser, that was a lot of comments to read through!! But what fun everyone was having today. Thanks for another fun puzzle, bringing out the humour in everyone :)))


Nice to see you today Rosie, you must be a very calming and reassuring person to be around if you maintain the same personality all the time!! I'm happy that you're celebrating with those of us who are your "wonderful, strange , bizarre, crazy, insane, happy, laughing Jigidi friends" :~)


Personality_Disorder - sorry, we only just saw your first comment... which was not there when we commented previously in response to the good, bad and both girls earlier! It would seem that this is a puzzle celebrating you... how long have you suffered with your diagnosis??? We do find that people with multiple personalities can be very interesting, when they are able to reveal themselves, since you are in disguise!! We did not say that we loved anyone, equally or unequally!! ;~)


I'm enough to handle with the one personality I know about and I don't want to know about any others, thank you very much. But I will be happy to celebrate this day in honor of all of my wonderful, strange , bizarre, crazy, insane, happy, laughing Jigidi friends. Thank you, Mandy, for another wonderful "Who knew" puzzle. I look forward to tomorrows. Rosie

Ms. Mandy, are you saying that you don't love all of us equally? That doesn't seem right.

Furthermore, claiming you've never met me before is just plain ol' ridiculous. You know me more than anyone else on Jigidi except for maybe Ms. A. ;-)


Well Personality_Disorder - not having met you before, and not knowing anything about you, other than that you are extremely new to Jigidi - and therefore presumably like solving puzzles... we really cannot comment. We can say that are are very welcome to hang out with us whenever any of you feel inclined :~)

What about me? What about me?


LOL!! - Hello GOOD_Girl and Good_and_Bad_Girl!! I'm delighted to meet you both!! I am sure you are both perfectly good and perfectly bad in the right circumstances!! Thanks for alot of fun :~)

Finally! A puzzle celebrating me. Thank you very much, Mandy.

No one is always good or always bad. I'm perfect just the way I am.

Well, then. I'm always bad. So there.

No, I'm not. I'm always good.

That's true enough, but you're bad too.

bad_girl is just pretending to be good. She's naturally bad.


Why hello bad-girl! We haven't seen you before on Jigidi, so we are honoured you visited us today - we can't say your "badness" is showing, because you've left "good" comments... so if we may, we'll thank you "good" side and your "bad" side too... thankyou both!!


You're right Wendy, I'm delighted that Mr Bugosi et al took this to heart! It's given everyone a wonderful opportunity to really enjoy laughter!!


Thanks Katie, I just felt those kaleido images fitted somehow, so it's good you saw the connection too :~)


LOL @ lela et al :~)

Oh, but almost forgot! Mandy, you're both wise and wonderful! :-)

I totally agree with Wendy_13. She's so darned wise. hehehe


Rolling on the floor laughing! Mandy, I was just reading the comments starting with the very first one (Barb's). And then moving up, reading the others. And then I got to Mr. Bugosi, and from then was laughing all the way.

Thank you for offering this wonderful puzzle. And I have to thank Mr. Bugosi for knowing the true meaning of Multiple Personality Day and being the one person who truly takes this to heart.


Luckily most of my personalities are fun! I love your changing kaleidos here Mandy - perfect illustration for today! I think Lela et al need a nap...... but, what a fun group!


Now we have a headache!..........


Thanks everyone!!!! I think?


(I think we all got a bit carried away)...................


Lela!.......Where are you?..............


I've got my own pan.............


Chicken anyone?........


I'll just rustle up some food.............


WOOF!......How nice to see you all here!......


Funnily enough, I was just going to say the same thing......


Wise words indeed..............


Of course, they're quite right really..............


Hellooeee!.......I agree with Lela, unclebluebottle, and Mr.Pogle!


Thanks thimblemoss, lela and MrPogle - it's great to see you all today :~)


You two are so clever!.............


My thoughts exactly..............


"All things to all men........."


Loved this one monza!
(waiting for eggie #2)


Thanks Hanne, I love being able to develop my personalities, and knowing that in some places I can be a totally different person than in others... particularly in the work/play areas!!


Thanks Ardy - that sounds a similar speech difference to the UK, where the southerners elongate the vowels far more than those in the north. I'm a true southerner, in the UK, and have only ever lived in the South!! Although as a teenager I lived in the South-West... Devon - where there is a completely different sounding speech.... it took a while to understand the locals, and then I developed the accent myself... much to my parents horror as they wanted me to only ever speak "The Queen's English" - LOL!!


Be in touch with your personalities, remember to talk to them every day!! It's very important to become a whole personality!! Thanks so very much Mandy!!


I've lived south of the Mason-Dixon line for more than 2/3 of my life. For a true southerner (which I'm not) that's one culture. But every once in awhile a speech characteristic gives away my New England heritage - like a really broad "a" in car (cahr) or path (pahth). Thanks for a delightful puzzle. Enjoyed talking with you at my place this morning.


So you are split between 3 continents too, Magda. Do you speak Urdu?? I bet you do!! Thankfully you can take Jigidi with you to all those places... so you will never be lost again LOL!!


I lived in Pakistan, practically all my life. I still have 3 daughters there, and one in Toronto. So you see: Muslim culture, American culture and the good old Swiss life (without culture???) I travel once a year to either Canada or Pakistan. So my skin gets stretched by changing so often! (and my brain also sometimes).


Magda, I so love reading your comments! - Where in Asia are your children?? I have family on 3 continents... I don't think I visit often enough to have developed a separate personality for each of them... yet!!!


If you live on two continents, you need two personalities. I have a Swiss skin, and an Asian one, which I change, when I travel to see my children! You have mada a phantastic or phantastique, or fantastic puzzle out of this. Thanks Mandy. Without you I would be lost.


Good morning Pat the solver, Pat the artist and Pat the humourist!! It's nice to see you all today :~)


Thanks Barb - I know exactly what you mean... it was when I saw someone crossing the road with a phone to one ear and another in her hand on which she was texting that my mind blew!!! I also hate when I'm sitting on a train and everyone else on the carriage is singing/humming/tapping to the music they hear through their earphones... all different!!


Good morning Mandy this is my day.... thanks .... Hugs


I see people walking down the street talking to themselves all the time ..... actually, they are talking on hands free cell phones, but I still can't get used to seeing this. Thanks for another interesting Who Knew puzzle, Mandy. :-)