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Mandy, I have one son and a step-daughter who came into my life at the age of 16, a very hard time for her. Her dad had custody, and when we got married, she did not like being upstaged. Yet she gave us 4 wonderful grandchildren, the oldest just graduated from Marine boot camp, a very challenging experience. He's a wonderful young man. The family moved away about a decade ago, so I missed out on some crucial years, but the grandkids still love me, and me likewise. My son, eight years younger is married with 2 girls, 7 and 5. They live out of town but will be moving back this summer. I adore them all even my stepdaughter. Once she matured, we've done very well together. So, they aren't far, far away, but since I can't travel, it may as well be Africa.

I'm so glad you had a reunion this Christmas and hope it will happen again and again. It must have been such a treasured time for you. I bet you took a slew of photos.

Oh, I got the reading glasses and love them. I can see the smallest print on my screen and have retired my magnifying glass. Today, my new mouse came. I tried solving a couple of puzzles, but I will need practice before I see much improvement. I know I'm gonna love it.

The past couple of days have been challenging, so I've not made a new puzzle. I did watch a couple tutorials for my draw program, and boy did they make me feel stupid. It looks so easy when they do it! Another day is sure to bring better results, but it did show me I have a lot to learn still. Usually I enjoy learning, so I'll wait....

Gotta go now. Just wanted to answer your question and share the news.
Huge Hugs,


Judy - none of them live close enought for regular visits, sadly!! I must have gifted them the travel bug... they are always travelling... one went to South Africa in 2005 to do voluntary work for a 6 month gap year visit... and she's never really come back!! She's here for a visit at the moment, with her husband whom she met and married out there... but returns at the end of the month. This Christmas Day was the first for 8 years when we were all together!!! We talk on the phone regularly, and sometimes skype, but its not the same!!! Do you have any children/grandchildren Judy??


Wow! Any of your children live nearby? How about those grandbabies, do you get to babysit? That's harder than when we were young, huh? I hope they all have great personalities like Mom and Grandmom.


Judy it is so good to hear you enjoyed the bursting colours on this one - although I'm not sure you need enlightening... you do a good job of that yourself for the rest of us!!! I have 3 daughters, and one of them has 3 of her own... all 3yrs and under!!


Mandy, I love all the colors bursting out at me. It is very bright and cheerful to ring in this glorious new year. May you continue to enlighten us! Hope you had a great visit with your children. How many are there?


Thank you Kirsten and Gail - I'm glad you approved my decision to post this to celebrate the New Year - and I too look forward to more fun and friendship in 2013.


What a wonderful puzzle to celebrate the beginning of a New Year! Happy New Year to you, Mandy.


A perfect kaleido for celebrating a new year with, Mandy! A lovely bright explosion. Thanks so much. And a happy New Year to you. I look forward to more fun and frivolity, and beauty in 2013. :)))


Lovely to see you and I hope you enjoy all your celebrations and thanks for stopping, foxy :~)


Now here's a cause for celebration! A bright new puzzle to ring in the bright new year!
Thanks, monza :-)


Thanks whatnauts :~)


Wonderful kaleido monza, thanks much.


Thanks Katie - so glad you enjoyed the colours. I love your party snowman avatar by the way... he's amazing :~)))


There's a party bursting with fun color! Thanks for the celebration Mandy!


Mandy, yes - or I was in a very 'British' mood after the Prom concerts....


Thanks PJ - if there is I didn't put it there... but my children have just returned from Edinburgh, so who knows... they might have snuck one in when I wasn't looking!!!


Mandy - what a glorious puzzle. Love it. I have a 'tartan feeling' - is there a tartan in the 'shaddows'?