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Good Morning Starshine! (medium) **link to small inside

81 pieces
212 solves
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Link to a 36 piece puzzle:


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Diane - you are just whizzing through the silhouette puzzles! Thank you so much for your comments!

Really enjoyed all the colorful stars. Colors were unique. Thank you


Ardy and Barb - You know how sneaky I am! But, I'm glad you got through all of that and had fun!!

Tootierasmussen - Thank you so very much! It's funny how the colors work out. I always make more than I need and just play to see which combos I like!

Hester - I guess I got lucky on the ear worm for YOU. Pat will not be happy with me! LOL.

Katie - You are too kind! But, thank you so much! I'm glad you had fun!!

Hanne - So happy you liked it. thank YOU!


Lovely Jan, thanks so very much!!


Excellent puzzle Jan! You're a star! I agree with Hester - good song for today too! Thanks for the fun.


Now that's one ear worm I'm happy to have for the day! I love that song! Thanks Jan! ;-)


About the two different yellows and blues. It is amazing how our eyes deceive us and we don't view things as they are. I didn't see two yellows or two blues until I couldn't quite figure out why pieces didn't fit. Great puzzle!


Funnily enough, I started with the yellow and soon realized there were 2 of them but with different coloured stars within each. Lovely, bright and fun puzzle, Jan, thanks. :-)


Lovely puzzle for star. Hope she finds it. I did notice two blue squares before I started but missed seeing two yellow ones which slowed me down a bit. Fun Thanks, Jan.