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Picture Embroidery = Robin

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53 solves
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I enjoyed stitching this embroidery of a robin - one of my favourite birds!


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Thanks for your kind comments and for stopping by, Janine.

I like them all, each one having it's great points. Your embroidery is exquisite.
So please keep posting the items you like, I know that we will too.
Thank you niccolino, see you next time, Janine.


Thanks Ardy. Over here in England, robins and holly always seem to go together!


Really lovely, Nicky. I'm curious about the setting. I think of holly with berries as being a Christmas or winter time setting and robins as being in the spring and summer but not winter. Makes a lovely design. Artistic license is a good enough reason for putting them together. Thanks, Nicky. I enjoy your work.


Thanks Tex and Pam.

You have quite a collection! Thanks for sharing.


Oooh, Nicki, this one is my favorite! I think it is the prettiest one of all. Thanks for showing it.