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Think Spring!!

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I saw some lattice work on ruglady2's puzzle "Just Fun" and I had to see if I could create it. Then I decided why not use it as the background for a puzzle. So, thanks to her, I produced something new for me at least. it wasn't easy figuring it out, but perseverence is a good thing...sometimes. Have fun, please!


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All things bright and beautiful


Judy, I'd fail at marketing just as easily as you'd fail at beating a toddler in a memory game. LOL


Nuttsky I'm glad you liked my puzzle enough to comment. That means a great deal to me and hope to see you again.


Road worn, that was a very nice comment, and it has lifted my spirits. Also I'm glad you like the song. My name is Judy, and I love that song the moment it was released when I was in high school. Oh soooo long ago. Thanks again and have a great Palm Sunday.

Delightful, HeyJude! Thanks.


Just beautiful, HeyJude (one of my favorite songs)! You have a gift for design. Thanks for sharing it in the form of puzzles.


gag26, thanks for the very nice comment, and I hope you'll like future puzzles, but my styles change, so I don't know what I'll be making next. I do hope you will find something you like. Hope to hear from you again.

More please, love the patterns and colours - thanks.


Cindy, you made my day with that wonderful comment. I'm glad you appreciated the images I used and/or made. See, you made me smile, so thank YOU! Hope to talk again soon, but I have no puzzles in reserve. Hope it won't be long before there's another. Take care and keep that smile!

Oh wow! I believe I have a new all time favorite! This is beautiful and so uplifting. It so perfectly reminds us of so many of the joys of Spring!!! Thanks so much, Judy. I know this one will bring lots of smiles!


Wendy, I do believe you are right. Let's revive the game. I made the pattern, so you have the wonderful job of mass marketing it. Then we'll get rich?? Probably will lose our shirts; now that would be an embarassment! Glad you liked the Spring images and think kids would love them. That's a happy thought. Don't ask me to play if it's a memory gameor if it involves speed; I'd lose to a toddler no doubt.


Mariasha, Have no fear about the spelling mishap. I've made tons and knew what you meant without the correction, but thanks. I really appreciate your comment and will try to find the message you left.


The PERFECT spring puzzle! It's adorable. It reminds me of the cards that used to be created in Europe for kids where the children were supposed to match the cards to their double. These squares would actually make the perfect set for a game.

oops no s on spring

What a lovely tribute to springs...thanks Judy. I left a little message on the 49piece puzzle you did the other day.