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Jack, is a Malamute, the lone dog in a house full of cats, that's Sock's ear in the picture where Jack is making sure the cats face is clean by licking him. Jack was a rescue after he spent his 1st yr in a crate that was so small he could not stand upright, he has airplane ears because the cartilage didn't form right because they were pressed down due to his confinement. He is 15yrs now and has not seen a crate in 14 yrs.


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how wonderful this poor ill treated little guy found you. to go from the hell of the crate to a wonderful loving home where obviously all he has ever known is love and caring brings tears to the eyes. absolutely wonderful. and he obviously cares greatly about his feline friends, and undoubtedly they feel the same about Jack


[[ WOOFS ]] == To Jack. Great To Meet You. & You Do Look Beautiful, I'm So Happy To Hear You Have A Good Loving Home, Even If It Is FULL Of Cats, Cats Are Wonderful Creatures. I Love How You Are Helping Socks By Licking His Face. You Have A Great Name. [[ Them Horrible Things Putting You In A Grate For One Year, Someone Should Put Them in A Crate For A Year & See How They Like It.]] I Wish I Could Give You A BIG Cuddle, But As I Can't, Please Ask You Human Carer To Do It For Me. Auntie Marlene. [[ BOW/WOW ]] == [[ YAP/YAP ]]


Hi puzzlekitten ... I do hope you'll see this since I need your wisdom about birds one more time. You helped me identify one before and now I had a bird looking into my window and I have no idea what it was. Please have a look:


What a beauty, and is so lucky to have found such a great forever home. None of my
dogs were ever in a crate. My girl just turned 11, and she is a rescue dog, got her
as a 1 year old. She is so wonderful & spoiled too, but she deserves it.

The eyes are the window to the soul, Jack has beautiful eyes....

Thanks Freetime, I have been very blessed! I agree with you rescues are the greatest, they give the most unconditional love, I think its because they know what it's like not to be loved. Is that your baby in your picture spot? sooo pretty!!

Thanks Zzup, Jack has been a great dog, we were blessed to find him, we wanted a strong sturdy but gentle breed as he was gotten for my son who has cerebral palsy and is also autistic, Jack is so patient with him,(and the cats) he has been a great companion for the whole family, he is slowing down now and is no longer able to run and play. your baby sounds pretty you should post her.


Jack is one luck guy, and God bless his owner.
It is amazing what an effect a little love can have on these abused animals.
All of my animals are also rescues. They seem to know that they are in a loving home and have nothing to worry about.
My baby is 8 yrs. Old, and is also my constant companion.

Jack is one handsome dude. Bless his heart. My dog was also rescued and sometimes I wish she could talk, because I am sure she would have some tales to tell. She is also getting up in years and is spoiled rotten. She deserves it though. She has been a faithful companion for 11 years, so I know she is a bit older than that. She has the same markings Jack has, but she is part German shepherd, part retriever and part chow. I have always owned a dog, and I don't like to play
favorites, but she has been the best.