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My granddaughter and my new great-granddog, Bella

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I have been away from Jigidi for several days. First Luke had a virus, then I got it. I sure missed all of you dear friends. I'm so far behind in my puzzles I may never catch up!


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Thanks EF. I just love the idea of a bulldog name Bella! My friends have a bulldog and she is so sweet and smart!

Thanks Ann, I agree, I'll bet Bella would rather be playing with Evie. They get along fine I hear. Can't wait to see them together! It's great fun to share the family with my great Jigidi friends!


Glad you're back & feeling better. Missed you. Sorry you & Luke had to get that nasty old bug.
Laura looks very happy & contented. My most positive thoughts go out to her. Here's hoping everything goes well.
Bella looks like she had rather be playing with Evie & the toys than to be held still & confined for even one minute. Does Evie get along well with her?
Thanks for sharing your family with us. We are always happy to see them.............


Glad you are better now!
Bella is nice and so is your granddaughter!
My son has an english bulldog named Bella with personality plus, I just love her:)


It's probably mutual, but I notice the dog's not smiling! :)


So who is enjoying this the most dog or granddaughter?


Thank you so much Liane, Ank, Hanne and Sally. It is good to be back! I've missed all of you a lot! Thanks for all the good wishes, Luke and I both appreciate it so much! We are both still kind of draggy, but getting back a bit of energy. I hate missing out on any of the great puzzles, but Ank is right, I'd never catch up. So I'll just have to start with today, through probably only a few each day for awhile. Love you all!


Good to know you and Luke are feeling better... Wow, a new great granddog and a new great grand baby on the way... You are very blessed, our Mimi.... We'll keep you in our thoughts, dear one.... Wishing Laura an event free pregnancy, and another healthy cutie to share with us.... Take care.... Hugs to you and Luke.... :) :)


Don't try Mimi, start from scratch and enjoy it!! Do hope that you have recovered properly and Luke too!! I have thought about you and wished you the very best!! Thanks for this lovely photo!!


Hi Mimi, I just solved this one 4x. I wanted my name on the board. I don't know who is the loveliest Laura or Bella. They look very happy together. I agree Laura looks very young but she looks sweet and I'm sure she is a great mother. You can see where Evies big smiles come from.
I'm glad that you both are feeling better now. And just listen to Suzy and follow my advice. lol. It's impossible to catch up, just start today. And if you have time, just look some pictures. Have a beautiful day Mimi and catch my big hugs (one for Luke too).


Sorry to hear both of you had been ill . Wish you a speedy recovery .


Suzy I think you are right, I could never catch up. I shall follow the good advice from our Ank! Thanks for the suggestion!


Glad you are both feeling better, Mimi, and hope it was refreshing to get outside and walk to the pond.
Ank has taught me that you don't worry about catching up on the puzzles. Just start on the day, and then move on.


Jan you are so sweet to say that and you are one of the people who make it all so much fun!


I try to explain it to other people and they just don't get it. But, Jigidi is a real community. and you are an important part of it! :D


Thank you Jan, Isn't it funny how much we really care about each other. It's sort of strange, but it's true and I love it!!!!!


Mimi - I was wondering where you were. I hope both you and Luke are feeling much better now. We certainly missed you, too.

Another wonderful family photo. Welcome Bella! Thanks so much!


Thank you Gnt, I appreciate you!


Shirley, me too on the tired. I think it's going to take a few days to fully recover. I keep wanting to go lie down! Thanks for your kind words re Laura and Bella. I haven't met my new granddog yet.


Evie's mum will be thankful for her youthful looks, later in life, Mimi, hope her pregnancy goes well for her, love Bella, Thanks Mimi.
I've just recovered from a virus too, Mimi, not much fun, left me very tired.


very nice set mimi


Michelle, you are so dear to say such lovely things. Thanks you! I appreciate all the kindness and prayers my Jigidi friends have sent this way!


I hope that you both recover quickly, Mimi. This is a very sweet photo of two real cutie-pies! (You can see Evie's smile, can't you?) Congratulations, Grandma! I'm sure that we'll all be thinking about Laura and that she'll be in many prayers for a safe and healthy pregnancy.


Thanks Buckeye, Patti, Treker, Ank and Pat for the sweet comments. I am very glad to feel better and be back here. Did I tell you before that Laura is Evie's mother. She looks like she's about 12, but she is in her twenties, a happily married young matron. I think I'll put a picture of the family on next. Oh, and by the way. They are expecting another baby in July. Please say a prayer for her, Evie was only 3 lbs and almost didn't make it. Thanks so much for your dear interest in my cuties.


Glad to hear you and Luke are feeling better Mimi. Pretty beagle they are so smart.


Hi Mimi, I missed you. I hope you two feel better now. It's my bedtime, I solve this tomorrow. And then I look to Bella and your G-daughter.


We had it here. No fun! Happy to see you're back at it! Cute photo Mimi


What a precious photo! Thanks, Mimi! (Glad you're feeling better!)


They're both beautiful Mimi! So glad you're both better.


Thanks sunshine2day and gemstone. We both feel much better and are about to walk down to the pond and feed the ducks. It's 76F out there now!


Both cuties! :)))

Hope you and Luke have given that bug the boot! :)))

Glad you are feeling better!!